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  • They’ve lost all the content that people put in there. They’ve lost all the pictures, descriptions, and files. But hey, no problem because you can just go ahead and rebuild that for them.




    People put their time and energy in there and it disappeared.  Yes, it was a free service, but no, that doesn’t excuse it.  Say I offer to hold your wallet for you while you swim.  When you get out of the pool some of the pictures are missing.  Is it ok that I wasn’t charging you to hold your wallet?

  • This is the fundamental problem with software as a service – you don’t own it, you don’t control it, and there’s no recourse to the providers like Ning.  It’s why I like to have my own cloud.  Cloud computing, software in the cloud, these terms are names for the same basic idea.  Digital Sharecropping.  You’ll get the resources you need for little or no money and you can produce value there for you and yours, but you never own it, you can’t take it somewhere else, and you have very little bargaining power for changes.  This is why Facebook is so troubling.
    • Adriana Lukas
      Adriana Lukas on Feb 26, 10

      absolutely. getting your own cloud is tricky though and requires rewiring of much of what the web is now designed to do. is one such attempt.

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Feb 10, 09

yep, gimme my data. typepad really doesn't cut it and neither do most hosted web apps.

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