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Adriana Lukas

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Apr 15, 15

Predictable. Beware of anyone trying to provide "new employee health and wellness management solutions".

Apr 13, 15

a bit of a strawman here with QS: "quantified selfers believe that every human problem is a bug amenable to a technological fix". Really?

Apr 08, 15

yeah, another go at Mark Cuban. My question is.. why only every 3 months? Surely a monthly blood test would be better... Geez, what a storm in a teacup and another confirmation that people outside QS still influenced by healthcare system rather than thinking about their health.

Apr 07, 15

this does sound like a clash of two worlds/mindsets. to anyone within QS movement the suggestion makes perfect sense. Surprised that Mark Cuban didn't use any of the thinking and arguments that QS would provide... He was right but couldn't then defend his point properly, or so it seemed. there is an article based on his response, which I will deal with next.

Mar 31, 15

the dissolution of mainstream is not a bad thing, narrowing of one's horizon is. seems to me like we need better algorithms - designed with a different purpose. in the meantime, this is a good simple point for the algorithm ethics debate.

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