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  • Kafka suffers significant bottlenecks as the number of queues increase: leader reassignment latency increases dramatically, memory requirements increase significantly, and many of the metadata APIs become noticeably slower. As the queues become smaller and more numerous, the workload begins to resemble that of a generic random-access datastore.

    • High-throughput writes (or puts, or produces) and reads (or gets, or consumes)
    • Reliable persistence of data to multiple nodes, so data isn’t lost if failures occur
    • Detecting and handling node failures with minimal disruption
    • Rebalancing data as nodes are added to avoid hotspots
    • Scaling, both in terms of number of nodes but also number of objects

  • <node_ip:2375>

  • Alternative install options


    Install using pip


    Compose can be installed from pypi using pip. If you install using pip it is highly recommended that you use a virtualenv because many operating systems have python system packages that conflict with docker-compose dependencies. See the virtualenv tutorial to get started.

    $ pip install docker-compose 

    Note: pip version 6.0 or greater is required


    Install as a container


    Compose can also be run inside a container, from a small bash script wrapper. To install compose as a container run:

    $ curl -L > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose $ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose 

    • open a TCP port on each node for communication with the Swarm manager
    • install Docker on each node
    • create and manage TLS certificates to secure your cluster
Sep 25, 16


  • lxc-docker

  • adduser --disabled-password --gecos "" username

  • sudo debootstrap --arch=arm64 --variant=minbase jessie debian-jessie-arm64
  • cd $i; tar -c .|docker import - $i

    • So if you have a .deb file:
      1. You can install it using sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb/file followed by sudo apt-get install -f .
Sep 17, 16

Midnight Special A man (Michael Shannon) and his eight-year-old son (Jaeden Lieberher), a young boy who possesses special powers, must run away from the government and a cult.

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