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  • o be angry about here and this is a massive overreaction (hence the mocking featured image).  Perry made a decision and convincing Perry to be somewhere he does not want to be is an awful idea.  The recruits that want to be in Athens will choose to go to Athens.


    Trent Frazier will be visiting UGA on August 26.  Lavar Batts chose to cut UGA and not even bother making a visit as he is now down to Clemson and VCU.  Frazier is the #1 Combo Guard priority for this staff.

  • breach have wondered why Athens Orthopedic is not offering more extensive credit monitoring to affected patients. In a prepared statement issued Friday, the clinic expressed regret that it could not offer credit monitoring “as we are not able spend the many millions of dollars it would cost us to pay for credit monitoring for nearl

  • to dismiss the charges against Martz, adding, "The Legislature should take immediate action to repeal this law so that other citizens and law enforcement are not caught in this type of situation again," according to the Associated Press. A judge promptly compli

  • bal Terrorism Database releases public data on attacks once a year. That means the accompanying chart doesn’t include any information about 2016, omitting the big attacks in Brussels; Nice, France; Orlando; and several smaller ones in Europe.

  • for that knowledge. But despite a culture of the autodidact, I know almost all of it because of great teaching, because teachers with patience and dedication had the time and resources to guide me to understanding. Teachers are not a problem to be solved; teachers are skilled laborers who should be well-compensated and respected.


    But nobody ever made a fortune off of an IPO by doing that.

  • s to see UGA when it is like Summer Camp for Freshmen.  He may be advised to tour Milledge Avenue this week.  All signs point to this recruiting battle to be between UGA and Louisville.  UGA has a better chance of landing Perry now that he’s NOT visiti
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