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  • irking, and at play, by which they mean brazenly making out with Adam wearing nothing but his undershirt. His undershirt! It’s a good thing Mary can’t see this shameful reverie … or can she?
  • poaching thing now, ha ha! Anyway, seems like Jacob’s working pretty fast to take credit for a whole lot of things that Mark
  • murderers who terrorized

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  • I have said this for a long time- if the dawgs continue to press and really want him he will be a dawg. Not earth shattering news but from a source I trust would know the deal. Go Dawgs!

  • y. In a strange swap, Gurley arrived in St. Louis right as former Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer (and his verbose, complex scheme) left to run the offens
  • We haven’t heard so much as a peep lately out of Jim Delany about his plans to take the Big Ten to Division III.


    So as amateurism is getting nibbled around the edges to death, how many

  • than a conference commissioner.  Maybe college football ought to eliminate the middleman and pick somebody from ESPN to become the first college football commissioner.  A

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  • REACH Scholarship, (Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen). This is a needs-based mentorship and scholarship program designed to encourage students to persist in their educational pursuits.
    Congratulations to Aldo, Jasmine, Francesca, Sydney and Araceli. We are proud of you. Read more here.

  • the recall in the U.S. include Golf, Passat, Jetta, and Beetle models from 2009-2015 equipped with 2-liter diesel engines. These engines had software that would recognize emissions evaluations and turn on an emission control system during the regulatory tests, but kept them off during normal driving spewing up to 40 times the allowed amount of the smog-causin

  • receivers.


    The real compliment here goes to Schottenheimer, who did a great job with his game planning. Throwing short passes negates the problem.


    Although, maybe you’re right and Lambert will never

  • in," he said. "We have killed no one in the (past) 70 years. This bill is unforgivable."

  • h, for example, made some good points, but was at his worst when in direct confrontation with Trump. Walker: same. Rand Paul: same. Fiorina: same. Everyone's a loser when Trump does battle. Trump looks no more presidential, but neither do his opponents. This is the real peril of

  • se. Our own offense and kicker really disappointed me. Watched my recording of the first half last night. That drive where we’re deep in our own endzone and Chubb breaks the long run. Then Shott goes hurry up, running the same damn play, 3 times in a row, with Chubb gassed. We fail the 3rd down conversion and our kicker shanks a FG so badly that even Richt shakes his head. Ugh! We Georgia’d the hell out of that series. Everyone but Chubb. I’m over Morgan as our FG kicker.


    Oops! I made a defensive post about the offense. Forgive me.

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