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    Named for their big fangs and bulgy eyes, ogre-faced spiders are actually harmless and are notable for more than their looks. They are the only spiders known to create a cast net-like web they throw over their prey. That's what made the I.D. unmistakable.

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Sep 19, 16

Explore data on the race, ethnicity, and gender of students at 4,605 colleges and universities in the fall of 2014.

Sep 15, 16

The ESA Star Mapper is a visualisation tool, developed by ESA and TULP interactive, featuring data from the ESA Hipparcos mission

Sep 12, 16

Novel use of tax records gives researchers a clearer look at the demographics of same-sex married couples than was previously possible.

Sep 01, 16

The racial divisions of the 2016 election are the culmination of a half-century-long political realignment.

    • accessible or shared in either verbal or written form
    •   be a private note created solely by the individual possessing it
    •   include only observations and professional
Aug 29, 16

Mormons are the most heavily Republican-leaning religious group in the U.S., while a pair of major historically black Protestant denominations are two of the

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