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  • irking, and at play, by which they mean brazenly making out with Adam wearing nothing but his undershirt. His undershirt! It’s a good thing Mary can’t see this shameful reverie … or can she?
  • poaching thing now, ha ha! Anyway, seems like Jacob’s working pretty fast to take credit for a whole lot of things that Mark
  • talk a lot about the proportional

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  • n be honed to win elections. So he uses the most inflammatory caricature of the idea at hand—in this case, forcing all “little girls” into hand-to-hand combat with psychopaths twice their size—to scare voters and pry them away from his opponents.

  • mment on sexist tropes on point. But to see an anti-choice tactic in the ad? Don’t give Doritos that much credit.


    This is the state of abortion politics. Both sides see it as battle of good-vs-evil. One side sees themselves in Schindler’s List; the other sees America sliding into The Handmaid’s Tale. Every word and deed is used to mark which side is winning. Both sides are in a trench war battling over inches. With public opinion and constitutional law settled, each side fights over anything that could change the battlefield.


    I came to this realization in 2011 when I covered the debate over “Protect Life Act.” The Affordable Care Act had recently been passed, but Republicans had then taken control of Congress. The bill would change how hospitals receiving Medicaid or Medicare funding treat women needing an emergency abortion. The law required that the hospital conduct the abortion or transfer t

  • tural base for the son of a preacher. That’s why it was so bracing to witness the preamble for this event. Like all Republican rallies, it began with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. But the woman who stood up to deliver the incantation was not the person you’d expect. She described herself to the crowd as an agnostic. “I have a lesbian friend in Kentucky,” she added.

  • hat time, and it was mainly keeping Il Duce rolling in the dough of the reserve fund.

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      New     You guys all need to stop with the mea culpa's now . 90 plus % of us realize those things are very fluid and things change for a number of reasons. Also it's a GAME......nobody going to live or die because a prediction on a recruit didn't pan out. Keep up the good work guys I enjoy reading every one of ya. Go dawgs!!

  • ow it takes time to build relationships..but Richts class would have been better than Kirbys this year.

  • all coach Dabo Swinney has done it. Where's the outrage when those guys did it?

  • But after finishing their regular season on the last weekend of November, the Sooners fell from the No. 3 slot to No. 4 in the final Playoff ranking – leaving Big 12 members wondering whether and how much they were impacted by not having that 13th game (or in the parlance of the selection committee, a “13th data point”). Oklahoma was one of six teams in its conference sitting out while other Playoff contenders were still playing.


    “You just want to have a presence,” TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said. “It’s not about a statement game. It’s about being relevant that day.”


    Twenty years from now, these guys are going to wonder what happened to them.  And they still won’t really know.

  • et shown up by Alabama’s coaching staff.  If Pruitt’s secondary can’t defend the pass better this coming Saturday, it’s
  • y. In a strange swap, Gurley arrived in St. Louis right as former Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer (and his verbose, complex scheme) left to run the offens

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  •  Brown & his family have kept a lot close to vest. Are you both putting Barn out in front b/c of info you have heard and been told? I'm not asking for sources or anything like that. It just seems there's conflicting info, but most of it is in favor of Brown not going to UGA. (I'll agree there)
     Either way, I guess it wouldn't surprise you to se

  • meet with him that week when he could've...I get it, he wanted to meet with the EEs...but Brown is a monster and a gamechanger...I think his deal could have been handled better. So, with that said, it's time to make up that lost ground and re-seal the deal with him. Losing Brown cannot be an option for this staf
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