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    A Madagascar hissing cockroach has been used as the driver of a mobile robot.[4] They were used in the reality television series Fear Factor. The species also made an appearance in the movie Men In Black in 1997. This was later parodied in the comedy Team America: World Police (2004), where one emerges fr

  • which handles the art side of things and Ashbaland, Inc. which handles the music side of things.[30] In 2003, he founded Ashba Media, Inc. This creative agency was announced the Agency of Record for Virgin Entertainment. AMI designs the look and feel of every Virgin Megastore. They also have other clients, such as Ovation guitars, Royal Underground and many more. Ashba contributed to Mötley Crüe's 2008 album Saints of Los Angeles penning all tracks with

  • collegiate side careers I failed to pursue while devoting the bulk of my days to writing fiction. The friends I knew who tutored were well paid for work that seemed far less grueling than waitressing, or late-night newspaper copy editing, or all the other side gigs I attempted in my early twenties. Little did I realize! To be paid really, really good money—like seven figures good—for not even tutoring at all? Now there’s a racket that could’ve funded quite a few novels.


  • ing the amazing city, we're like, 'Oh my goodness! Look what's on TV!'" Joanna said. "And we'll just binge-

  • "The problem is that there's a tremendous risk, because the driver has to stay awake when there's tremendous pressure biologically to sleep," Hersman said, especially between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.
    In addition, studies have shown that overnight workers get less sleep and less restful sleep during the day, she said. Combine that with the mundane task of sitting behind a wheel.
    "Sitting there and doing the same thing, there's not a lot of stimulation," she said

  • icate with them" through an intermediary named "June" at the Canadian embassy, according to a transcript released by SITE.
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    He does not elaborate on the identity or the role of the embassy contact he nam

  • his erratic behavior is unclear, though his mother said he had told them he had used Spice, or synthetic marijuana, a few days earl

  • ed she could no longer be the only sexual assault examiner at St. Luke's. She quit and became a nurse in the hospital's emergency room. She anguished over the decision but felt it was the best move for her patients and for her c

  • what you want the United States Supreme Court to look like—and a lot of conservatives do—Trump is your man. 


  • ve excellence proceeds."[117] Even the omnivorous reading imputed to Shakespeare by critics in later years is exaggerated, and he may well have absorbed much learning from conversations.[118] And contrary to previous claims—both scholarly and popular—about his vocabulary and word coinage, the evidence of vocabulary size and word-use frequency places Shakespeare with his contemporaries, rather than apart from them. Computerized comparisons with other playwrights demonstrate that his vocabulary is indeed large, but o

  • 7 a.m. as the westbound van, traveling from a performance engagement in Spartanburg, S.C., to Atlanta, careened off the highway and down an embankment, according to Georgia State Patrol reports.


    Quesada was the only one in the van to escape injury.

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