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  • Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch, have called studies of racial disparities “bogus” and ideologically motivated. In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kent Scheidegger of the pro-death penalty Criminal Justice Legal Foundation (and probably the most-quoted supporter of the death penalty throughout national media) made the point that all murders of black victims, regardless of the race of the perpetrator, tend to be in places with more black residents, where “support for the death penalty is lower” and commu

  • the claims asserted against the original defendants in the March 24, 2014 Second Amended Complaint are subject to dismissal on the merits,” the appeals court justices wrote.

  • expects to see legislation addressing the flag, one way or another.


    Georgia Republicans have proposed legislation that would allow

  • couple of years” before legalizing marijuana as Colorado continues to navigate an unknown, non-existing federal regulatory landscape for the industry.

  • ak of the Lisa’s fate least what happened to her will be visited upon us.”


    Crankshaft-”I was thinking of building a crypt in the basement.”

  • launching pad in South Carolina. Or Georgia.


  • r International Baccalaureate grading, which, by its complexity and multiple moving parts, deflects

  • or parents to pray for the missing boys as if they were their own children.

    "We pray that Austin and Perry will be found safe," he said, "that they will be

  • We haven’t heard so much as a peep lately out of Jim Delany about his plans to take the Big Ten to Division III.


    So as amateurism is getting nibbled around the edges to death, how many

  • than a conference commissioner.  Maybe college football ought to eliminate the middleman and pick somebody from ESPN to become the first college football commissioner.  A
  • the weirdness surrounding the post game Belk Bowl.  And again, there’s no way somebody comes in after Richt without making demands that B-M quit working at cross-

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  • C briefly considered quitting, however, it was eventually decided that Scott would have wanted them to continue and after the encouragement of B
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