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  • Though there is growing pressure from Americans and other Western consumers for more accountability in seafood companies’ supply chains to ensure against illegal fishing and contaminated or counterfeit fish, virtually no attention has focused on the labor that supplies the seafood that people eat, much less the fish that is fed to animals.
  • A beer at Rui’s tavern cost about $1. Sex with a “popular” girl: $12. For the tattered men, mostly Burmese, who end up here, a couple of evenings at the tavern can add up to kingly sum. Many of them have trekked hundreds of miles by foot, not a cent on them, hoping for work. Meals, drugs and lodging, offered as favors, show up later as fees. To clear these bills, migrants are sometimes sold to the sea.

  • Hybrid warfare brings together military and non-military instruments to discombobulate the target state. Unlike Ukraine, the Baltic states are members of both the EU and NATO and are covered by the military alliance’s commitment to collective security under Article 5 of the 1949 Washington treaty that deems an attack on one as an attack on all
  • This is how Mr Putin might test it. Working to its established game plan, Russia starts by stirring up the resentments of Russian-speakers (47% of Estonia’s population and 37% of Latvia’s), bombarding them with propaganda about the discrimination they are supposedly subjected to. Using agents provocateurs to foment pro-Russian demonstrations in the capitals, Riga and Tallinn, Russia does all it can to undermine the authorities in both countries. Ethnic Russians from Estonia and Latvia who were encouraged to fight with their “brothers” in eastern Ukraine stand ready to carry on the fight back home.
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  • If the Avro Arrow had not have been cancelled, the Soviet Union would surely have won the space race.  Without the help of these many influential Canadians and British subjects, America would not have had the necessary components to send a man to the Moon.  At the time, the Canadian government had no interest in travelling to outer space, and thus, Canada would not have been a contender in the Space Race, even though Canada indirectly helped America win.

  • The case of Smissen v. ICBC 2004 BCSC deals with the onus on ICBC to prove, on a balance of probabilities, that at the time of the accident the person was under the influence of intoxicating alcohol to such an extent as to be incapable of the proper control of his vehicle.
  • One point is if you try to hide the fact of the drinking and driving from ICBC they will turn around and also breach you because of a false statement.

  • Using a quantum computer to solve a problem can loosely be thought of as trying all possible solutions at once, whereas using a classical solution would mean trying them in sequential order.
  • Quantum Mechanics: How Dueling Realities Can Coexist | Stratfor

  • Keystone XL would carry about one-quarter of the oil Canada exports to the U.S. each day and ease potential bottlenecks on rail lines, but its U.S. opponents argue that it would help develop one of the world's dirtiest sources of oil.
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