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  • To improve user experience and lower transmission costs, large companies set up servers with copies of data in strategic geographic locations around the world. This is called a CDN, and these servers are called edge servers, as they are closest on the company’s network to the end-user.
  • United States CDNs often have edge servers located on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts

  • Though proportional representation will be part of the consultations, the Liberals are more likely to opt for a preferential ballot. It is the option preferred by the prime minister.
  • With a preferential ballot, voters indicate which candidate is their first choice, second choice, third choice and so on. If no candidate wins a majority of first-choice ballots, the candidate in last place is dropped and those votes are distributed according to who was identified as these voters' second choice.


    Candidates continue to be dropped and their votes redistributed until one candidate reaches the 50 per cent threshold, ensuring that a majority of voters get an MP they prefer over at least some of the other candidates.

  • According to the companies operating in Fort McMurray, Alta., if you look at today's state of the art technology, the greenhouse gas footprint of the most efficient oilsands producers is as good or better than the average barrel produced around the world. 
  • water use
  • water use

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  • Germany, which has since World War Two been reluctant to join military missions abroad, said earlier it is sending 650 soldiers to the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Mali and increasing the number of troops training Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq.

  • The refusal to buy Russian gas will create serious risks for the reliable transit of gas to Europe through Ukraine and for the supply of gas to Ukrainian consumers during the upcoming winter," he added
  • Mr Yatsenyuk dismissed Mr Miller's comments out of hand.

    He said his government had decided to stop buying gas from Russia as it could get a better deal elsewhere.

    "The government has made the decision to order [Ukraine's national oil and gas company] Naftohaz to stop buying Russian gas.

  • About 15% of gas used in Europe travels through Ukraine. The EU has been holding talks aimed at keeping supplies running between the two sides.

  • Millions of Christians - Catholics and otherwise - are expected to turn out for public celebrations of Masses during the tour, presenting a challenge for national security forces to keep the pontiff and the vast crowds safe.
  • Kenya has suffered a spate of attacks by Somalia's Islamist group al Shabaab in the past two years that have killed hundreds of people, including the 2013 raid on a Nairobi shopping mall that killed 67. Kenya has also been plagued by ethnic tensions.
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