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  • Putin, she says, is "a run-of-the-mill, mediocre dictator," chosen by the system rather than the other way around, much like Joseph Stalin decades before.
  • Gessen readily admits she despises him. For crushing Russia's fragile post-Soviet democracy, for basically eliminating a free press, for persecuting critics, for looting her country's wealth and for scapegoating minorities.
  • Gays, says Gessen, have in fact become Putin's shorthand for Western decadence — an integral part of the nativist campaign he's been leading to restore Russia's confidence in itself.



    In that vision, she says, Russia will become the world's conservator of traditional values, a light in the moral darkness.

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  • They credit Harper's laissez-faire approach to Quebec during the past 18 months of PQ rule — no special status and no concessions — as a significant factor in undermining the desire for sovereignty.
  • The Conservatives hold only a handful of seats in Quebec, and the party is the least organized in the province.
  • Trudeau gets a chance to rebuild the Liberal base in a province that once gave the party, led by his own father and Jean Chretien, a solid block of seats. Mulcair is handed an opportunity to solidify his party's still untested dominance among nationalist supporters.


    And Quebec sovereignty likely becomes a non-factor in the rest of Canada.

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