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Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson's Public Library

Feb 02, 16

"Toggle VPN

Lists VPN services and allow you to toggle VPN on/off."

Feb 02, 16

"A collection of Automator workflows that speed up your design and development process. Compatible with LaunchBar 6 and 7."

Feb 02, 16

Brightworks Computer Consulting is an Ithaca, NY based computer consulting firm. At Brightworks Computer Consulting we strive to help you do more with less. In difficult economic times it is critical to make sure you are getting the most out of your technology investment. We can help you plan your technology spend and optimize your workflow to get more done with the same or fewer staff resources "

Feb 02, 16

Convert Anything to a Spotify Playlist

Spotlistr is a collection of tools to help you generate Spotify playlists from many different sources!

Easily convert playlists from YouTube to Spotify Playlists!

Discover music based on your top tracks, or based on's similar tracks!

Create Spotify playlists based on music Subreddits and Multireddits!

Convert a SoundCloud set/playlist into a Spotify playlist!

Feb 02, 16

"Reclaim your digital property

Shryne organizes your Text Messages, Email, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messages, Facebook Photos, Instagram, and more. "

Feb 02, 16

This list of public data sources are collected and tidied from blogs, answers, and user responses. Most of the data sets listed below are free, however, some are not.

## Contents
Complex Networks
Computer Networks
Contextual Data
Data Challenges
Image Processing
Machine Learning
Natural Language
Public Domains
Search Engines
Social Networks
Social Sciences
Time Series
Complementary Collections

Feb 01, 16

"59,000+ Business Software Reviews
Compare the best business software with G2 Crowd’s industry-leading review platform"

Feb 01, 16

Turn any Instagram pictures into impressive ASCII art.

Feb 01, 16

"Proofreading concierge in your Slack

Get a human professional editor who will swiftly refine and polish your text
without having to leave your messenger window "

Feb 01, 16

"Introducing ‘Projects’ by growthhackers
The place where teams turn
ideas into results."

Feb 01, 16

It's Time to Plan. Divvy. Conquer.

Get a quick snapshot of what's due, what's done and what your team is working on right now.

Shared Calendars
As many shared calendars as you need to keep your world organized and your team on the same page.

Easy Workflow Management
No matter the size of your team, or the complexity of your production process, Divvy will help you get your content produced, approved and published efficiently.

Any Type of Content
You produce more than just digital content. Use Divvy to help you manage the planning and production of any type of content you need.

Content / Social Publishing
Eliminate platform hopping and easily post social content and images directly to Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Park Your Great Ideas
Who knows when and from whom content ideas may come. The Divvy Parking Lot allows your team to store their ideas until your next content planning meeting.

Feb 01, 16

"Productive and actionable meetings, every time: Run effective and easy meetings with Solid. Get the meeting agenda, tasks & decisions instantly in your mailbox."

Jan 27, 16

" You like tumblr ? Tumbex is your access to all the blogs, with a streamlined design and optimized navigation. "

Jan 27, 16

" - Download any file from any site"

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