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Mar 17, 16

"Since learning is a lifelong task that doesn’t stop after pursuing a certain academic certificate, this round-up is not only dedicated to beginners. It’s for everyone who wants to become an expert in a certain field or is simply curious about the Web and the latest tools and techniques around them.

We hope that this round-up will bring you closer with many of the valuable resources that are available out there. Some are completely free while others can be obtained through quite affordable memberships. You may also be surprised to find that your local college or university is also publishing free classes and courses on all sorts of topics you can think of — make sure to keep an eye open!"

Feb 22, 16

"Restangular is an AngularJS service that simplifies common GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests with a minimum of client code. It's a perfect fit for any WebApp that consumes data from a RESTful API."

Jan 29, 16

"The following table lists the major HTML & CSS features that are commonly used by interactive and dynamic CSS techniques and their support among the major email clients."

Jan 28, 16

This cheat sheet is provisional and may change. Angular 2 is currently in Beta.

Jan 28, 16

Comparing the best CDN providers is a time consuming task and challenging. This collection of information supports you to better find the best CDN for your content delivery needs. CDNs also provide other types of solutions such as software distribution, game & app delivery, video streaming, and ad serving.

Jan 08, 16

"The touch events interfaces are relatively low-level APIs that can be used to support application specific multi-touch interactions such as a two-finger gesture. A multi-touch interaction starts when a finger (or stylus) first touches the contact surface. Other fingers may subsequently touch the surface and optionally move across the touch surface. The interaction ends when the fingers are removed from the surface. During this interaction, an application receives touch events during the start, move and end phases."

Jan 05, 16

"Material is the metaphor

A material metaphor is the unifying theory of a rationalized space and a system of motion. The material is grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.

Surfaces and edges of the material provide visual cues that are grounded in reality. The use of familiar tactile attributes helps users quickly understand affordances. Yet the flexibility of the material creates new affordances that supercede those in the physical world, without breaking the rules of physics.

The fundamentals of light, surface, and movement are key to conveying how objects move, interact, and exist in space and in relation to each other. Realistic lighting shows seams, divides space, and indicates moving parts."

Dec 15, 15

"We’ve taken the classic European yule log, also known as a bûche de Noël, and reinvented it with the flavors of Black Forest cake: We switched out the sponge-cake roll for layers of rich devil’s food cake, added a cherry and whipped cream filling, and coated it all with bittersweet chocolate frosting. A few easy tricks with the icing will have this dessert resembling a tree stump; complete the festive presentation with rosemary branches, cranberries, and meringue mushrooms."

Dec 14, 15

"Bootflat Flat UI color picker is a project digging the Flat Color Picker which gives you the perfect colors for flat designs"

Dec 14, 15

"A lightweight and modular front-end framework
for developing fast and powerful web interfaces."

Dec 10, 15

"2015 has been an important year for PHP. Eleven years after its 5.0 release, a new major version is finally coming our way! PHP 7 is scheduled for release before the end of the year, bringing many new language features and an impressive performance boost.

But how will this impact your current PHP codebase? What really changed? How safe is it to update? This post will answer these questions and give you a taste of what’s to come with PHP 7."

Nov 18, 15

"You’re probably aware of the benefits of A/B testing in activities like email campaigns, but did you know that you can also have your PPC cake and eat it too with the Google AdWords A/B testing tool?

Formally known as AdWords Campaign Experiments, or ACE, this tool is one of the most sure-fire ways to improve key metrics like click throughs and and conversion rates.

By using the ACE tool to run your A/B tests, you’re putting yourself in a win-win situation where you can test even the most radical ideas in a low-risk environment."

Nov 13, 15

"Did you know that you’re legally accountable for the statements made in your website’s privacy policy? Have you read and understood each provision in your privacy policy? Do you know what your responsibilities are?

In this article, I’ll present five mistakes with privacy policies that could put you at risk of fines or lawsuits. I’ll also discuss why it’s important to have a privacy policy, and some concluding thoughts on how to avoid legal problems."

Nov 13, 15

"When retina displays hit the market, web design experts and web developers gasped at the thought of having to deal with a new resolution.

From a web design standpoint, it was a nightmare. Responsive design dealt with content for different screen sizes and device widths, but pixel ratios were a whole new ball game. Now Apple is releasing iMacs with 5K displays and a lot of web designers are sweating at the thought of scaling everything up once again."

Oct 26, 15

"Don’t be an Internet utopia denier like I was. Forget reality; you can reinvent yourself as any anything you like online."

Oct 08, 15

"You make thousands of decisions every day — from what to eat for breakfast to which job offer to take.

And you might think you approach all those decisions rationally.

Yet research suggests there are a huge number of cognitive stumbling blocks that can affect our behavior, preventing us from acting in our own best interests."

Sep 29, 15

"Critical thinking is a critical skill for young workers these days.

What that means, though-and how to measure it-is less clear. Employers complain that colleges are not producing graduates who can solve problems and connect the dots on complex issues, but bosses stumble when pressed to describe exactly what skills make critical thinkers. That leaves job seekers wondering what employers really want and, once on the job, unsure of whether they're supposed to follow the rules or break them."

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