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Laura Reed

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Mar 23, 15

"Procssor cleans and organizes your css the way you want it.
Perfect for css consistency when multiple people contribute."

Mar 23, 15

"An extensive CSS reference with all the important properties and info to learn CSS from the basics."

Mar 23, 15

Get stats on your site's CSS. Learn how many colours you've used, or how many selectors you have.

Mar 23, 15

"Recently I came across the post by Matt Wilcox called CSS Lint is harmful, ranting about the useful free tool CSS Lint. The “Don’t use IDs in selectors” suggestion seems to have offended Matt the most, but I was surprised that many commenters also mentioned this as being a reason to avoid CSS Lint. This surprised me because smart people have been saying prefer classes to IDs for a while now. The article was light on reasons why this suggestion might be bad, but it boils down to....."

Mar 23, 15

"Your CSS goes here. The more, the better. Linting works best when we see the big picture, so give us everything you've got. "

Mar 21, 15

"In case you're wondering, genuine means actual, real, sincere, honest. Genuine people are more or less the same on the inside as their behavior is on the outside. Unfortunately, it's a tough quality to discern. The problem is that all human interactions are relative. They’re all a function of how we perceive each other through our own subjective lenses. "

Mar 15, 15

"Enroll now to join the next session starting March 1st and collaborate with thousands of other students around the world."

Feb 24, 15

"Plenty of programs now encourage girls and minorities to embrace technology at a young age. But amid all the publicity for those efforts, one truth is little discussed: Qualified women are leaving the tech industry in droves."

Feb 16, 15

"Of course, Google Analytics gives you a wide variety of in-depth data to get lost in, but it really only paints a top level picture of your user behavior.

Lucky for us, there are a multitude of tools out there that allow you to test out multiple ideas on multiple landing pages to analyze the impact these changes have on conversion data. For all you know, changing that blue “Order Now!” button to a green button might increase your conversion rate by 10,000% (results are not typical and may vary by individual.)"

Feb 07, 15

"Cookies are a hit with everyone, no matter what their age is. Moreover a cookie treat comes in handy for mothers when they gotta make their way out of difficult situations!! This recipe gives the good old cookies a new twist. Try it out and let the new twist work its magic on your taste buds."

Feb 06, 15

"Said to date to the 1970s, the Cosmo came into its own in the late ’90s, thanks to the HBO series Sex and the City. Fashions aside, the simple blend of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and lime is just really delicious."

Feb 06, 15

"Popovers, America’s version of Yorkshire pudding, are pastries that impressively rise up and over the pans they’re baked in. They have a crisp exterior but a soft, pillowy inside, perfect for serving with a juicy slice of prime rib. All you need is a blender and a muffin pan to whip them up—no popover pan needed. These easy and versatile pastries can also be slathered with jam and served with your morning tea."

Feb 06, 15

"For this recipe, just throw a whole chicken in the slow cooker with dried thyme and vegetables. Then let it simmer away until the chicken falls apart in the rich, chicken-y broth. Take the chicken out, shred the meat, and add it back to the slow cooker, then stir in cooked egg noodles, or steamed white or wild rice to make it even heartier."

Feb 06, 15

"The versatile combo of tamari (or soy sauce), fresh ginger, orange zest, brown sugar, star anise, cinnamon, and sherry forms both a cooking and flavoring medium for chicken thighs on the bone in this incredibly easy slow cooker recipe. A final thickening with cornstarch, a bowl of steamed rice, and dinner is done."

Feb 06, 15

"Fish tacos can be filled with either fried fish (not healthy!) or grilled fish (healthy!). Here’s the healthy version, with a citrus marinade and tangy cabbage slaw."

Feb 02, 15

"Here’s the truth. We exist on this earth for some undetermined period of time. During that time we do things. Some of these things are important. Some of them are unimportant. And those important things give our lives meaning and happiness. The unimportant ones basically just kill time."

Feb 02, 15

"Infants and young children in our culture regularly protest going to bed. They make all sorts of excuses. They say they are not tired, when in fact they obviously are tired. They say they are hungry, or thirsty, or need to hear a story (and then one more story)–anything to stall. They talk about being afraid of the dark, or afraid of monsters in the closet or under the bad. Little babies without language, who can't yet describe their fears or try to negotiate, just scream."

Jan 26, 15

"Our education system was perfectly prepare workers for routine jobs that no longer exist. As we try to out-drill and out-test Korea we are leaving millions of young adults ill-prepared, uninspired and lacking the skills they need to thrive in an innovation economy. After seeing this film, you'll never look at school the same way again."

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