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10 Jan 14

New Product Alert! Check Out The New 47 Brand PomPom Knit Hats!

You're not using your brain if you cut

@jcmonahan @dbrownforsyth @Chronicle5 Glad it reaired! We are headed to Salmagundi tomorrow. @WCVB #hats

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever count out the New England @Patriots.

#cetis09 Using Tweet Deck for OER

25 Ways to Use Google (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

RT @PeterVogel: Web 2.0 Literacy Tools, a fine, categorized list by @nharm [Something for every teacher there.]

AMAZING! Web 2.0 Literacy Tools Master List Fall

@MrSpradlin Twitter in Education - I posted some #sixwords my students wrote, got that idea and many more from Tw. #edchat #education
08 Oct 12

Hideman: Mask Your IP Address To Bypass Download Limitations Of Websites

08 Oct 12

BootMed Plus: A Live CD to Help Diagnose and Fix your PC Problems

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