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Josh Allen

Josh Allen's Public Library

about 3 hours ago

This week’s #MagLove goes to Spotted by Locals (@spottedbylocals). Their magazines: #FlipboardChat

about 3 hours ago

Yes! It’s more than “check out these well-known landmarks.” It’s local haunts and culture. #FlipboardChat

about 3 hours ago

Take a trip down the NJ Turnpike with @kavita1010’s ‘Jersey Strong’ magazine: #FlipboardChat

Aug 19, 16

@mrbadura btw, did you know you know a Cover Girl?

Aug 19, 16

Worlds most useless job.

Aug 19, 16

@j_allen It's clunky. Change Shape Fill in text box. To highlight only some text, drag text box over main text.

Aug 18, 16

Made me laugh out loud. #FlipboardChat
DO IT! #FlipboardChat
Is that toys for kids or toys for Dads? ;-) #FlipboardChat

Aug 17, 16

Omaha folks: Husker Hounds on 171st/W. Center has posters if you're looking to pick one up.

Aug 14, 16

Tired boys means another successful "man-trip". #stumptrip16 #almosthome

Aug 14, 16

@j_allen, @paulallison, & @D_Educator: thanks for the #professionaldevelopment! #36learning20

Aug 11, 16

I'll forever admire Piv's dedication to the job. The man just worked. And he had a good time doing it #PivStrong

Aug 08, 16

Re-design your learning space at - Join our challenge for more fun!

Aug 05, 16

Looking 4ward 2 cranking up a new season of @dadsined podcast w @j_allen & @dschoening Always good stuff #dadsined

Aug 05, 16

But the more apps you use the more focus drifts, no? Time to create a list that help us focus on the 12 #brainrules

Aug 04, 16

Join us at #EdCamp Citrus 2016 on Sat. Nov 12, 2016 at Citrus High School in Inverness, FL.

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