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Mar 20, 13

"Several weeks ago, Steve Linford, chief executive of anti-spam organization Spamhaus agreed to take questions from marketers through the Magill Report. Marketers responded with more than 50 questions. This week, Linford provided answers to the first 14."

Mar 08, 13

"Due to an increase in IP listings as of the first of the year, there has been quite a lot of conversation lately around the Spamhaus blacklist. I would like to share with you, what I call the “five stages to recovery” after an email blacklisting."

Feb 24, 13

"Today, thanks to widespread adoption by the mailbox provider community, DMARC covers more than 80% of consumer mailboxes in the U.S. and more than 60% of consumer mailboxes globally. So more than 2 billion mailboxes fall under DMARC’s protection, allowing marketers to stop a huge portion of the email fraud sent under their names, instantly."

Feb 14, 13

All the deliverability resources you'll ever need :)

Feb 12, 13

"Gmail’s current filtering scheme seems designed to focus on domain reputation and minimize the impact of IP reputation."

Feb 11, 13

"Google is currently failing emails sent to Gmail accounts if they are signed with a 512-bit key or less. Now there is evidence that Google is starting to enforce their policy of accepting DKIM keys of 1024-bit or higher."

Feb 11, 13

"There are a lot of things that spamware does that is different from a lot of standard MTAs. Here are a list of things that may make your mail look like it is running spamware to a receiving server."

Nov 09, 12

"How does your ESP measure up when it comes to maximizing deliverability? Use this checklist as a guideline to judge their deliverability rate."

Nov 06, 12

"A mathematician recently cracked Google’s weak 512-bit DKIM key and impersonated founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page via email. A recent article relating the story started a rush in the email industry to create new DKIM keys stronger than 512-bits. Google is taking this security issue seriously by requiring all senders to sign with a 1024-bit DKIM key."

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