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Feb 18, 13

"A lot of people don’t realize that it is also possible to add style attributes to alt tags just like any other text. Styled alt tags don’t work in every email viewer, but when they do, they increase the visual dynamics of a mailing considerably."

Feb 12, 13

"embedded images in email do not evade image blocking. In the case of 'the Outlooks'1 above, not only were the images blocked, but they largely remained blocked, even when the other images in a newsletter were downloaded. The majority of email clients which reliably display embedded images (being Apple and iOS Mail) don't block images by default, making this technique redundant."

Feb 11, 13

"Since Outlook 2007 & 2010 supports style tags we are recommending to use a class for the margin for Outlook that overrides the padding with !important."

Feb 11, 13

"Currently, there’s no such thing as “mobile email standards.” But that doesn’t mean can just wing it—not when 70% of consumers say they delete emails immediately if they don’t render well on their mobile device.

The more you know about what limitations exist, the better off you’ll be. Here are some quick tips to get you headed in the right direction:"

Nov 09, 12

"Responsive emails = fluid grids, fluid media and media queries. The idea being where @media isn’t supported, you can fallback on a fluid layout. As fluid layouts pose issues on some desktop email clients, alternatively you can fallback to a fixed-width mobile template."

Nov 07, 12

Responsive Design can make a webpage shrink or expand to the device it’s being viewed on instantly through the use of CSS3 @media queries in the HTML coding. Lately, however, much of the buzz is about applying these media queries within email code to generate responsive emails. There’s one giant catch that many articles of late seem to smooth over…

Aug 03, 12

Campaign Monitor shows how Twitter could make its notification emails more mobile-friendly. Take these tips and apply the optimizations to your own HTML email designs (you can find the code at the end of the blog post)

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