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Mar 08, 13

"Email Design Ideas from ExactTarget to Steal, Test & Make Your Own."

Feb 19, 13

"There are several tactics that have helped to maintain these open rates over time, along with some tweaks and adjustments that have worked well to keep them high over the past few months. Let’s dive in to what has worked…"

Feb 08, 13

"A big part of that effort has been simplifying things for the mobile environment. In practice it has meant tailoring images to the smaller format, reducing the amount of text and stripping out extra buttons that tend to clutter up the mobile screen."

Feb 08, 13

"Horizontal emails inspire strong feelings among designers. Depending which side you come down on, horizontal emails are either cutting edge and artistic or counter-intuitive and pretentious. Here's twenty-three rare, outside-of-the-box, experimental horizontal emails."

Feb 06, 13

"The responsive design of this email scales the email & increases the text size on mobile devices so that it easy to read on small screens. In addition, the header of the email has been changed - the Twitter "badge" has swapped sides and the headshot has been removed in the mobile version. With this responsive design, Twitter keeps the email extremely legible on both a desktop and a mobile device."

Dec 09, 12

"Most of the $690 million Obama raised online came from fundraising e-mails. During the campaign, Obama’s staff wouldn’t answer questions about them or the alchemy that made them so successful. Now, with the election over, they’re opening the black box."

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