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Steven Knight

Steven Knight's Public Library

Mar 24, 15

Hey @iamDrWill + @plan3t_t3ch that's our @bigbluebutton app, for more info on how to use it in @Schoology check out:

Looking for some terrific teachers to follow? Look no further than @MsZarovska @mhoeckelman @CarinaHilbert @plan3t_t3ch @estarkey626 #edchat

Love to hear that former students are doing great things!! "@plan3t_t3ch: Zoe, finds out she got into VCU!"

@EdTech_Stories @SFecich @plan3t_t3ch I wish I still had his class! It was awesome!

@ilorax @plan3t_t3ch Ah! An educator that inspires! That's what it's all about... Hope you do the same w your students, I'm sure you will.

@plan3t_t3ch Ohhhh... Have had @bluebottleroast in San Francisco. Mmmmm. :) Enjoy!

“@laubpFCCPS: Found in men’s section of Forever 21. New outfit @plan3t_t3ch ?? #GMNYC”

@EdTech_Stories @SFecich @plan3t_t3ch Still learning! I graduate May 17. Can't wait! tweeting on #myinternlife when I can.
Mar 20, 15

Latest buzz for Shake Shack: - RT @plan3t_t3ch Getting dinner at the Shake Shack! It is very busy!!!!! #GMNYC htt...

Thanks for the mention, @plan3t_t3ch!
Mar 19, 15

Hey @Ilorax, Are you still learning? Or are you all qualified now? May find this useful Cc @SFecich @plan3t_t3ch

@TheLassoGM @laubpFCCPS @plan3t_t3ch That has to be planned... so cute!

@plan3t_t3ch Thanks for meeting with us this morning! @MrsFayTJ @MrsMcCannTJ @MsMTJ

@plan3t_t3ch teaching us how to create books using iBooks. #digitalfccps

Thanks @plan3t_t3ch @drjinks @MrD_fccps_Tech @TJESTech for opportunity for us to share, play, & grow as educators today @EdTechFCCPS #fccps

Wonderful day of collaboration, creation and learning! @plan3t_t3ch @MasonMustangs #digitalfccps #fccps @mdhippos
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