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Patrick Higgins

Patrick Higgins's Public Library

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Mar 21, 13

"Questions to ask before showing video
Does the video meet your objective?
Did my supervisor approve the video?
How long is the video/video clip?
Can the video foster useful outcomes within a short time period?
What do you expect your students to accomplish?
How will you convey the topic (lecture, discussion, hands-on activity?)
What materials will you use to support your instruction?
Where in the video can I engage students and/or check for understanding?
Am I in violation of Copyright Law and Fair Use Guidelines?"

  • "The Dictionary offers amazing opportunity for resources that can lead to independence in writing, and has been the backbone of Texthelp for nearly 10 years. The ability to see synonyms, get meanings of words in context, hear pronunciation, and discover various uses of the word opens doors to struggling writers. This feature really demonstrates the "help" in the name TextHELP and allows it live up to its name."
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