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  • First, donors need to be constant in their commitment to development. Second, development requires new tools such as seeds, vaccines, or digital technologies. Third, “and perhaps most powerful,” declared Gates, the development community’s technical expertise should foster the adoption of best practices around tax, health, agriculture, and other areas. “How we use the expertise conditionality to drive the adoption of best practices faster is a big question for us,” he concluded.
  • The Doing Business’ annual rankings have been successful at driving “pro-business” policy reforms around the world. An estimated 525 reforms were inspired by the index between 2003 and 2014. These results spurred offshoot projects including the 2013 “Enabling the Business of Agriculture” (EBA), which benchmarks areas such as seeds, fertilizers, markets, transport, machinery, and finance, to determine whether countries’ laws facilitate doing business in agriculture or not.
  • During the panel, Bill Gates and Jim Yong Kim concurred on the need to leverage increased private sector financing in development through business-friendly policies. While the World Bank President hailed countries who made “unpopular” policy choices, critical to “let private sector investors feel comfortable,” Gates hammered away the need to “reform the system” and underlined development aid’s capacity to influence the process.

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  • Bernie Sanders’ big win in Wisconsin ended that tactic and propelled Paul Krugman and Hillary and Bill Clinton to race to the right, inadvertently proving Bernie’s point that they are not progressives on the key issues.
  • Tom Frank details in his new book entitled Listen, Liberal how the Clintons’ “pragmatism” and zeal to work with the worst elements of the Republican Party led to the welfare “reform” bill.  
  • Bill made four key points about crime in his attempted defense and attacks on the protesters.  First he claimed that his 1993 crime bill led to a huge decrease in crime.  The reality is that street crimes were declining before his bill and the trend continued after the bill passed.  (Elite financial crimes were surging due to the Clinton’s championing of the three “de’s” – deregulation, desupervision and de facto decriminalization of finance – but the Clintons and the authors creating and spreading the myth of the black and Latino “superpredators” ignored them.)

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  • Upon becoming the latest signatory of the movement’s Manifesto, Chomsky affirmed, “[DiEM25’s] Manifesto is a bold effort to reverse the damage and restore the promise, an initiative of great significance.”
  • “Europe and the United States are responsible for some of the greatest gifts to, but also some of the worst crimes against, humanity,” said Varoufakis. “Together,” he elaborated, “Europeans and Americans (both North and South), we have given the world humanist rationalism, Bills of Rights, the idea of shared prosperity, internationalism, the anti-slavery movement, the United Nations, the list goes on.

    But we have also inflicted upon the world various colonialisms, environmental destruction, the permanent violation of the Middle East, Vietnam, dictatorships, the surveillance state, multinational companies that plunder peoples and continents, self-defeating austerity, extraordinary rendition, the list goes on.”

  • Brazil’s extraordinary political upheaval shares some similarities with the Trump-led political chaos in the U.S.: a sui generis, out-of-control circus unleashing instability and some rather dark forces, with a positive ending almost impossible to imagine. The once-remote prospect of President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment now seems likely.


    But one significant difference with the U.S. is that Brazil’s turmoil is not confined to one politician.

  • In other words, PT is indeed deeply corrupt and awash in criminal scandal, but so is virtually every political faction working to undermine it and vying to seize that party’s democratically obtained power.
  • Last night, NBC News’s Chuck Todd re-tweeted the Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer describing anti-Dilma protests as “The People vs. the President” — a manufactured theme consistent with what is being peddled by Brazil’s anti-government media outlets such as Globo:

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