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  • The book argues among other things that through the 90s the Bank bent much too much to the concern of NGOs, relatively unrepresentative NGOs. And that as a result, the Bank departed too much from it's competitive advantage in infrastructure, focusing perhaps too much on projects, softer projects such as social and education projects, that safeguard policies and other standards are too much for the poorer countries, and that projects vital to the world's poor are being held up by fear of the activists' resistance.
  • And among the projects that the book highlights in this regard is the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline, a project that Ms. Djiraibe has worked on for a long time, the past decade or so I assume, and worked for what she has just this week received the RFK Human Rights Award. It's also a project that Mr. Rosenblum is familiar with and has worked on in both Chad and Cameroon.
  • But while we embark on the debate today regarding Chad-Cameroon and the NGOs, I hope we also don't lose sight of some of the broader and perhaps ultimately more important themes that are in the book and also raised by the issue of NGOs and the World Bank, themes about how exactly to deliver development effectively. Whether development is best left to relationships between large institutions, such as the World Bank and host governments, what is, or is there any role of local communities, what is the role of NGOs in amplifying the voices of local communities. And I think also what is the role and should there be standards that apply to the development process of the Bank or should there be more discretion left for both Bank staff and the governments?

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Jun 30, 15

"A Humanitarian Disaster in the Making Along the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline -- Who's Watching?"

  • The NPA’s implicit claim that Colonel Isaac Zida’s coup and his negotiations with the bourgeois opposition are a “victory resulting from the popular uprising” is an absurd political lie.
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