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Philip Cummings

Philip Cummings's Public Library

about 3 hours ago

Do-It Yourself at the How-To-Festival May 30th via @choose901

about 18 hours ago

Playing with Mawmaw's Kitten

May 23, 15

10 Ways to Enjoy The Heat In Memphis via @choose901

May 23, 15

20 Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Memphis This Summer via @ilovememphis

May 22, 15

Tomorrow's Learning Today: 7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future via @TeachThought

May 22, 15

Making Thinking Visible in a Technology Infused Classroom via @HollyClarkEdu

May 22, 15

I'm catching up on some RSS feeds and love @plugusin's post: #teachingis According to Twelve-Year Olds.

May 22, 15

The Complete Study Guide for Every Type of Learner | Oxford Learning ht @dougpete

May 22, 15

Starting the Day at Bryant's for Breakfast #photo365 #latergram

May 22, 15

6A Jumping for Joy #photo365 #latergram

May 21, 15

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction via @ktenkely

May 18, 15

Preach on, Pastor Rufus! #photo365 #hope4memphis

May 17, 15

She's a Keeper #photo365

May 16, 15

Pitch Perfect 2 with the Newsomes (photo by Eric Newsome aka @themercyof140) #photo365 #latergram

May 14, 15

Why do we stop children being playful learners & then worry about how we can make them creative? via @DerekPinchbeck

May 14, 15

An Honest, Hard-Working Farmer Who Cares More About Changing the World Than About Profit ht @donaldmiller

May 14, 15

Don’t Compare Your Life to Someone’s High-Light Reel via @positivityblog

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