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Philip Cummings

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about 3 hours ago

How to Read More Often & How to Get More Out of Reading via @JoiTaniaSigers

about 5 hours ago

9 Mobile Apps for Poetry Month | @edutopia via @classtechtips #engchat

about 6 hours ago

Project Based Learning via RealWorldMath

about 7 hours ago

6 Fantastic Google Flights Tricks via @HuffPostTravel

about 10 hours ago

New Slide: What Do You Want LEADERS to Do With Technology? via @plugusin

about 10 hours ago

10 Things Students Should Know About Tech by Fifth Grade -- THE Journal

about 11 hours ago

What happened to the Milky Way? via @thekidshouldsee #dadchat

about 15 hours ago

9 sweet Mac OS X secrets you’ll want to use via @computerworld

about 16 hours ago

10+ No-Signup Collaboration Tools You Can Use in 10 Seconds via @MakeUseOf

Mar 06, 15

What Works For My Kids via @TheJLV

Mar 06, 15

3 Fun-Tastic New #Memphis Events You Won't Want To Miss via @choose901

Mar 06, 15

The Privilege of Learning, Rethinking Traditional Schooling via @RafranzDavis #edchat

Mar 05, 15

What My Students Told Me - Students Take on Grades via @pernilleripp #PDSmem #edchat

Mar 05, 15

5 Powerful Steps to Help You to Let Go and Feel Less Pain via @positivityblog

Mar 05, 15

Drive Higher-Order Thinking with RSA Animation via @Catlin_Tucker ht @dougpete #engchat

Mar 05, 15

7 Real Ways Blogging Can Make You A Better Teacher And Learner via @fractuslearning @ngrantham #edchat

Mar 05, 15

Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks via @lifehacker ht @dougpete

Mar 05, 15

Is your school a victim of the ‘Donut Effect’? via @richard_bruford #cpchat #edchat

Mar 05, 15

Some fantastic ideas here! > How to be a boring, bad writer...and other ideas (#TBTRemix) via @jgough #edchat

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