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  • P1: The human body is made up of cells.
  • P2: Cells are invisible to the naked eye.
  • C: Therefore, the human body is invisible to the naked eye.

  •  Spanking should be used as a form of punishment to motivate a child only if he/she refuses the initial discipline given to them.  

  • Notice the order in which these two words are given.  First we have chasten, or to train them.  Second, we have scourge, or to punish them.  This is a very important principle, and an order of procedure that parents must understand and follow in the training of children.

The scourging or punishment comes after chastening or disciplining/training; punishment is used when a child refuses to receive or accept the discipline/ training. Punishment is NOT to be used as the first, or the only way to train our children.  God’s Word clearly tells us what order to use for proper training.

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  • ature Businessmen Shaking Hands

  • These events show that God's further revelation of Himself to us would have no greater effect on our ability to trust Him.
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