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Peter Deitz

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Aug 11, 16

Data reports don't need to be dry. We love how @DonorsChoose visualizes and shares impact stats

May 23, 16

Scotland taking advantage of new floating tech to build world's largest offshore #wind farm

May 19, 16

reading Deep Work Rules for focused work in a distracted world. Yes, this is itself a distraction. ;-)

May 19, 16

A top 5 fav talk. @aarondignan on opportunity in starting w/ purpose, and creating platforms for world to build on.

May 12, 16

Ethereum: The Unicorn of All Unicorns? #blockchain

May 11, 16

#GlobalWarming milestone about to be passed… & there's no going back via @smh #climatechange

May 11, 16

Liberating faith: A convo w/@RabbiBrant on decolonizing #Quaker & Jewish practice @afsc_org

May 11, 16

A project in Ontario could contain the solution to a worldwide problem: the lack of legal empowerment.

May 11, 16

Master modular synthesist, Suzanne Ciani, talks Model 15 app w/ @CreatorsProject: @sevwave

May 11, 16

Manufacturing is alive and well in Toronto - the rise of micro-manufacturing #StartUpHereTO

May 10, 16

The Future Of Progressive Business Is Companies That Are Good, Not Just Doin... #impinv

May 10, 16

New post: "The Business Benefits of Deep Learning"

May 10, 16

This is the most comprehensive, rigorous test of universal basic income to date

May 10, 16

Battles of tomorrow being waged in Kendall Square via @BostonGlobe

May 08, 16

"fandom is subversive. If a canonical worldview is entirely straight-white-mail, then fans will actively resist it."

May 07, 16

What's the internet doing to our brains? 9 fixes @fixitshow @AbigailBaird #podcast #tech

Apr 23, 16

Top 5 reasons to build bike lanes on Bloor St even if you don't ride a bike: #biketo #BloorLovesBikes

Apr 22, 16

I think @JeffBezos is our generation's @WarrenBuffett and is building our generations $BRK. His thinking is so pure:

Mar 29, 16

Hey Tactical Philanthropy community, I miss you! My new blog at @peterdeitz @p2173 @GiveWell follow @IntrinsicInv

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