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Mar 13, 12

There are currently tens of millions of Americans without health insurance. Some can’t afford coverage at going rates. But as recently as 2009, one in seven applicants were rejected by the four largest insurance companies, who refused to sell them insurance at any price. Uninsurable Americans are mostly sick to begin with: They have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other pre-existing conditions that set off alarm bells for insurance sellers.

  • not only are sick people a lot more expensive to care for, but they also know a lot more about what their cost of care is likely to be in the future
  • the market for covering pre-existing conditions break down
  • The market for insurance unravels, in Hendren’s model, when patients have a clear view of their future health care costs and people who anticipate lower-cost futures self-select out of insurance coverage.

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Mar 10, 12

I once rented a car for work and had an unpleasant experience. When I returned the car, I thought to myself, "I'm never renting from them again." After sitting on it for a day, I realized conducting my own silent protest wasn't going to help me or the rental agency. So later that day, I called their corporate headquarters and told my story to the VP of customer relations. More importantly, I told him what they did wrong and what kind of experience I expect as a customer if he wants my future business.

Mar 10, 12

Creativity can seem like magic. We look at people like Steve Jobs and Bob Dylan, and we conclude that they must possess supernatural powers denied to mere mortals like us, gifts that allow them to imagine what has never existed before. They're "creative types." We're not.

  • imagine what has never existed before
  • big breakthroughs often depend on the naive daring of outsiders
  • time devoted to cross-pollination with fields outside our areas of expertise.

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Mar 09, 12

Once you’ve been working in Silicon Valley for a bit, you’re often offered advice such as:

Are you launching at X conference?  … where X is whatever hot conference is coming up, like SXSW or Launch
Do you have an X app? … where X is whatever new platform just emerged, be it Open Social, iPhone, or whatever
Have you pitched X venture capitalist? … where X is a prolific headline-grabbing investor with a recent hot deal
You should do feature X that company Y does! … where X is some sexy (but possibly superficial feature) that a hot startup has done
Do you know what your X metric is? … where X is some metric a recent blog post was written about
Have you met X? … where X is some highly connected expert in the field
Maybe you should pivot into X space! … where X is a space with a hot company that just raised a ton of funding
Did you think about applying framework X to this? … where X is a new framework, be it gamification or viral loops or Lean
Sound familiar? I confess that I’ve both received and given much advice along the lines of the above. I call it “advice autopilot.”

  • the advice will start out with “it depends…” and takes into account an infinite array of contextual and situational things that aren’t obvious
  • The use of pattern-recognition to predict the future…
  • … and the obsession with a small number of exceptional successes.

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Mar 09, 12

Generally, deductible travel expenses are the ordinary and necessary expenses that you incur while you're away from home in pursuit of your trade or business. In order to claim travel expenses as deductions, you must keep adequate records and be able to prove the existence, amount, and business purpose of your expenses.

  • 50 percent of the cost of meals when traveling
  • cleaning and laundry expenses
  • In any case, you can deduct only 50 percent of the cost of the meals.
Mar 09, 12

The category of travel expenses is one of the most commonly encountered type of business tax deduction.

  • You can only deduct travel expenses if they are ordinary and necessary expenses that you incur traveling away from home in connection with the pursuit of an existing business.
  • The full amount of meals and entertainment costs must be reported separately on Line 24b
Mar 09, 12

The first, most basic guideline to remember is that a tax deduction for an expense paid in connection with your business will be allowed only if the expense is "ordinary and necessary" for the operation of the business.

  • It defines "ordinary" as common and accepted in a field of business, and defines "necessary" as helpful and appropriate to your business.
  • "reasonable."
  • Entertainment and meal expenses are not deductible to the extent that they are lavish or extravagant, given the circumstances.
Mar 08, 12

I’m nearly at the halfway point of my challenge to learn MIT’s computer science curriculum in 12 months. I decided to put together a short video explaining what my daily routine looks like, and also share some of the tactics I’ve been using to learn at a faster pace.

  • A simple example of this is the lecture format. I can extract huge time savings by not watching lectures at their normal speed.
  • recursive strategy
  • This deepening can be done by deliberate practice in problems as mentioned previously or by using intuition-generating methods like the Feynman Technique.

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Mar 07, 12

In the ad world, acquiring new business is not always the most rational, or effective, process. For agencies, pitching new business is often a drain on resources and morale, and it doesn’t always result in the the best pairing of brand and creative partner. Here, agency players weigh in on where the pain points are and how the process could be changed for the benefit of all parties.

  • Long lead times, long pitch lists, layers of consensus needed to select a partner, layers of meaningless paperwork for RFPs, requests for spec work, lack of access to decision makers, cost pressure from procurement for the agency, search consultants who may or may not be motivated or equipped to arrange the best marriage, giving away IP… when it’s bad, it’s pretty terrible
  • Ditch the pitch altogether in favor of hiring agencies like senior executives.
  • “We have taught the clients that we will give them free ideas, that we will invest extraordinarily for a chance to prove we are the right partner, we will give away our IP for a shot--and now we are crying foul.”
Mar 07, 12

Robert Scoble is a prolific content curator. By curating and sharing the latest news about technology and startups, he has developed a remarkable online following. For instance, Scoble has 245,192 Twitter followers, is included in 781,318 Google+ circles, and has 151,217 subscribers on Facebook. He has an active following on at least a dozen other social media services, from Quora to FourSquare.

  • startups can use content curation to catapult their online presence and influence
  • Curation is an excellent way to establish your startup as a thought leader in your space.
  • curation grounds you in a domain

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Mar 07, 12

As an economics major, as well as a lawyer who’s worked in many different areas of the profession over the past decade and a half, let me take a crack at this one.

  • basic microeconomics principles tell us that the price must drop to restore equilibrium (supply = demand)
Mar 07, 12

Hyperink’s investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Lerer Ventures (the founders of HuffPo), SV Angel, and others. Our launch was featured in Forbes, BusinessWeek, and TechCrunch, among others.

Mar 07, 12

My Behavior Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behavior to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger. When a behavior does not occur, at least one of those three elements is missing. 

Mar 06, 12

The iPad is an excellent business tool, and we’ve seen it being used in a number of business scenarios so far — as a tool to go green, to collaborate or to increase productivity. Clearly, the iPad is helping businesses meet goals in style.

Mar 06, 12

Brett Taylor, CTO of Facebook, announced the company is participating in “a number of industry wide initiatives” intended to support the development of the mobile web, focusing on technology standards and payment enabling

Mar 05, 12

In a bid to shed its brand of the word "rent" and broaden its scope, Rentcycle has renamed itself Getable. At the same time, the San Francisco-based site for rental items is launching an in-store rental-management solution complete with iPad, cash register and receipt printer.

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