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"The mystery of the emergence of consensus in our experience of reality is a deep one. Why do we all seem to be having the same dream? In Dreamed up Reality I toyed with the idea that consensus emerges through synchronization of our expectations and beliefs through language and other forms of communication. In other words, I speculated that we talk each other into consensus. From Meaning in Absurdity onwards, I added and emphasized another possibility: that mind-at-large itself is a synchronizing factor outside our personal psyches and, as such, weakly-objective. It is still in consciousness, but outside personhood. This deeper synchronization mechanism wouldn't require communication between egos: it would be built right into the fabric of reality as the global, overarching patterns and regularities of nature itself."

Today, I think both mechanisms play a role: many of our experiences are constructed linguistically and we do talk each other into experiencing the same reality at that level. This has to do with beliefs and expectations. But underneath that, at a deeper, more basic level, there are also -- I believe -- weakly-objective laws at work: the archetypal unfolding of mind-at-large that we call the "laws of physics" at a classical, ordinarily observable level.

This QBism thing seems to put complete emphasizes on the "we-talk-each-other-into-consensus" avenue, and none in the weakly-objective archetypes of mind-at-large. In other words, it seems to endorse the view I played with in Dreamed up Reality at the expense of everything else. Personally, I don't think this is the complete story. And even if it were, it would never gain traction in the culture as a viable, believable narrative.

  • industrial agriculture wreaks ecological havoc, endangers human health, and exploits workers in order to produce food that’s overly processed, overly cheap, and overly globalized.
  • While muckrakers have been exposing every hint of corruption in corporate agriculture, and while reformers have been busy creating programs to combat industrial agriculture with localized, “real food” alternatives, factory farms have been proliferating like superweeds in a field of Monsanto corn
  • But, in so far as the Food Movement’s goal has been to reduce the impact of factory farming, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the reform effort—at least in the way it articulates and pursues its mission—isn’t working.

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  • Unfortunately, most doctors are nutritionally illiterate.
  • Physician advice matters.
  • called Promoting Health by Self Experience found that healthcare providers’ personal lifestyles were directly correlated with their clinical performance.

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Jul 02, 15

Hoy anuncié proyecto d ley q restringe uso d leña y establece restricción a autos catalíticos:

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