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  • The results were sobering. All 458 pounds of beef we examined contained bacteria that signified fecal contamination (enterococcus and/or nontoxin-producing E. coli), which can cause blood or urinary tract infections. Almost 20 percent contained C. perfringens, a bacteria that causes almost 1 million cases of food poisoning annually. Ten percent of the samples had a strain of S. aureus bacteria that can produce a toxin that can make you sick. That toxin can’t be destroyed—even with proper cooking.
  • beef from conventionally raised cows was more likely to have bacteria overall,
  • as well as bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, than beef from sustainably raised cows.

  • But for a hundred years, ever since the quantum revolution, mathematics has often substituted for empirical data
  • Darkness would qualify as a niche subject except for how much of it exists. The current best calculation holds that the cosmos is 4.9% regular matter, 26.8% dark matter, and 68.3% dark energy.  In that 4.9% is included all luminous matter contained in billions of galaxies plus a huge amount of non-luminous matter in interstellar dust.
  • So the barest fraction of creation is offering empirical data

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Aug 29, 15

#lectores Si alguna vez hiciste esto en tu #infancia... Haz RT (Foto de

Aug 28, 15

La gente con baja autoestima evita pensar en la muerte y en consecuencia en temas relacionados con el ser y la conciencia. O sea, el puro miedo te convertirìa en un ser que rechaza la reflexiòn.

  • evidence in five studies that people with low self-esteem respond to reminders of their own mortality by directing their focus away from the ‘self’.
  • This escape from self-awareness took the form of avoiding writing about the self, heightened alcohol consumption and less activation of self-related thoughts, the researchers discovered.
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