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  • nos damos cuenta de que continuaremos inconsolables y que nunca encontraremos con qué rellenar adecuadamente el hueco, pues aun en el caso de que llegara a cubrirse totalmente, se habría convertido en algo distinto.
  • Así debe ser. Es el único modo de perpetuar los amores a los que no deseamos renunciar"
  • Ese algo distinto es la única manera de perpetuar los amores a los que no deseamos renunciar; ese "algo distinto" hace que nuestros muertos se inscriban en nuestra matriz identificatoria, nuestros síntomas, y en la manera de ser y hacer de cada deudo.

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  • the artist is known to have experienced psychotic episodes in which he had hallucinations, minor fits and lapses of consciousness, perhaps indicating epilepsy.
  • "We think that van Gogh had a unique ability to depict turbulence in periods of prolonged psychotic agitation,"
  • Scientists have struggled for centuries to describe turbulent flow

  • The Abolitionist Approach embraces and develops Watson’s position and sees veganism as representing a fundamental moral principle. The Abolitionist Approach maintains that veganism and creative, nonviolent vegan education are the most important forms of activism and advocacy in which we can engage. Indeed, it is only through vegan education that we will shift the paradigm away from animals as property and toward animals as persons.
  • The Abolitionist Approach regards veganism as a moral imperative. By this we mean that if animals matter morally, we are morally obligated to stop eating, wearing, and using them. That is, going vegan is not just an option for someone who agrees that animals matter morally; it is a fundamental moral obligation.
  • Abolitionists do not see veganism as a matter of “compassion,” “mercy,” or anything other than as what is necessary to discharge their moral obligations to animals

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  • Chopra hopes for a simulation which mixes “insights, contemplation and entertainment”
  • An insect with 100 eyes, for instance, views the world differently than a human.

  • Para eso, hay que crear cada vez más áreas protegidas en la naturaleza y reproducir especies en cautiverio para luego liberarlos en sus ambientes.

  • Indi recommends developing an empathic mindset to focus on people.
  • By learning to listen deeply, you can go beneath the surface to understand the reasoning, reactions, and guiding principles that influence people’s behaviors, thinking patterns, and perspectives.
  • Or maybe user research would be more ethnographic—let’s observe people.

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  • branch what you are creating to support different audiences
  • apply this knowledge not only to software, but also to written content, policies, and processes
  • blaze your own path instead of playing leapfrog on the same path as everyone else in your industry

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  • When she was describing why she loved her new career so much, she said she is constantly learning.

  • Interviewless Hiring
  • The concept of Interviewless Hiring emerged from a philosophy shared by myself and Sebastian Thrun, President and Co-founder of Udacity. Together, we knew that if a new kind of education was possible—and it was—then surely a new approach to hiring was possible as well.
  • The difference is the quality and depth of the information we review, and the confidence we have in that information.

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Aug 18, 16

Comparto intervención sobre PL que regula Comercio Internacional de especies amenazadas de Flora y Fauna Silvestre

Aug 18, 16

Cuando comemos crudo el brócoli damos tiempo durante la digestión a que se produzca este fitonutriente, el sulforafano, en algún punto del estómago. Para llegar al sulforafano se necesita que la enzima se mezcle con un compuesto químico precursor (glucorafanino*) (nota: para producir vinagre también necesitas un compuesto químico previo, el ácido etílico, antes de llegar al ácido acético). Al trochar el brócoli con los dientes posibilitas que se produzca esta liberación y mezcla. Si cueces el brócoli desactivas el proceso.

El doctor dice que picando –y yo imagino que cuanto más, mejor: tipo fideos-, dice que picando el brocoli y dejándolo descansar 40 minutos ya has dado tiempo a que se active la enzima, a que se produzca el sulforafano. O sea, que las enzimas son todo un universo que hay que entender: no es que el calor destruya las enzimas, sino que al hervir el brócoli estás impidiendo que pase por los procesos necesarios para liberar la enzima. O sea, que si quieres hacerte una crema de brócoli, en lugar de meter el vegetal al fuego y al final triturarlo en la batidora, lo que debes hacer es triturarlo antes, dejarlo activándose, y finalmente ya pasarlo por fuego si quieres.

Para que el brocoli cocinado conserve las propiedades anticancerígenas del brócoli crudo hay que picarlo 40 minutos antes de cocinarlo. Luego podrás cocerlo cuanto quieras.
Otra posibilidad, si no picaste el brócoli previamente, es, al momento de servirlo, echarle por encima mostaza en polvo (un cuarto de cucharada de té por cada siete tazas de brocoli).  

  • Sulforaphane, is thought to be the main active ingredient in broccoli, which may protect our brain, protect our eyesight, protect against free radicals, induce our detoxification enzymes, help prevent cancer, as well as help treat it.
  • the formation of this compound is like a chemical flare reaction
  • requiring the mixing of a precursor compound

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