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Feb 27, 15

Did you know that it can be illegal for your doctor to prescribe a natural medicine, even if it works and is completely safe?

Find out why here.

According to the FDA’s legal definition, a medical drug is anything that “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.”

The trouble is that it can cost $800 million to get a drug approved by the FDA. And this means that unless something can be patented, no one will put up the money to get it approved as a medicine.

The result? Natural substances that have been healing people for millennia are not approved for medical use.

The medical industry can only profit from - or even prescribe - patentable substances which are, by definition, unnatural.

  • I look at how BDSM allows us to bring primitive energies -- including juicy polarities such as predator / prey, and dominance / submission -- back online as art and play. And how “experiences of extremis” break us out of our contracted identities into a larger sense of self that is more connected, fluid and fulfilling. 
  • Kink is a tonic for the denatured nature of modern and postmodern life. Think about it: when do any of us get to express our pure red energies? When do I get to slap anybody around? Who trembles when I walk into the room? Who begs me for anything? Who in my life is just there to serve my every carnal desire? Nobody, that’s who.
  • And from the submissive polarity: when do I ever get to just really give myself up to another person? To submit utterly? When do I get to lose myself? When do I ever consciously experience pain, humiliation and surrender, these thing that I've been exhausting my life force trying to avoid?

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Feb 25, 15

In the last few years, what was just a small handful of communities saving that percentage of animals has grown significantly. Communities with save rates of 90% and higher are popping up across the nation, with their success directly related to a comprehensive change in shelter practices: a move to replace killing with the humane, life-affirming alternatives of the No Kill Equation. Not only do many of these communities prove how quickly a shelter can transform itself once its leadership commits to innovation, but they also disprove the pervasive lies that for over a half a century were at the heart of shelter killing; chief among them that there are too many animals for too few homes available and that a crisis of uncaring and irresponsibility among the American public necessitated shelter killing when, in fact, the public holds the key to ending it. By rejecting these tired clichés that excused killing and stymied innovation for decades, communities saving 90% and higher are bringing sheltering into the 21st century. We are in the midst of a remarkable and transformative sheltering revolution.

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