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Aug 04, 16

"She has been described in Japan as "the queen of iyamisu."[4] Iyamisu (eww mystery) is a subgenre of mystery fiction which deals with grisly episodes and the dark side of human nature. Readers blurt out "eww" when they are reading iyamisu novels."

  • He's Komuso, and he apparently can see demons and gods,  whereas other people can't. He gives you a challenge to defeat the enemies that ambush you within 12 seconds or less.
  • It's hard,  but you need to wall jump up the rafters to the chest. The best way I can see  is to wall jump from the rock on the right while facing the path that leads   down to the village. You will have to jump from it while +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ under the rafters and carefully land up there. Open the | STRAY BEAD #2 | chest for the Bead! There's another chest higher up | ACQUIRED |'s extremely hard to get up there as of now, +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ so I would wait until we have a new ability before  getting that. It'll save us the hassle.
  • As thanks, you'll get 7 Praise. Also, she'll make some Cherry Cakes tonight, so let's be sure to come back to her house when it's night! Anot

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Mar 01, 16

"Philby’s most significant breach happened during the Second World War, when he conned his way into M.I.6’s document room, and read the agency’s secret file on its intelligence assets in the Soviet Union. He reported what he found directly to Moscow: Britain had no spies in the Soviet Union. His handlers, however, refused to believe him—and Philby’s intelligence coup quickly aroused their suspicion. The K.G.B.’s reasoning, Macintyre writes, was that “the Soviet Union was a world power and MI6 was the most feared intelligence organization in the world; it therefore stood to reason that Britain must be spying on the USSR. If Philby said otherwise, then he must be lying.” This time around, the secret betrayed was significant. But its strategic value was still zero, because it is not enough for a secret to be of consequence; it must also be understood by those who receive it to be of consequence. Few secrets meet both conditions."

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