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  • Heart Piece: Before latching onto the tile, climb along the wall to cross the gap and find a chest containing a heart piece.

  • Heart Piece:  After completing Snowpeak ruins, Yeto and Yeta can be found at the top of Snowpeak near the warp spot. Both will challenge you to a sled race, (first Yeto, then Yeta) and if you beat both you will receive a heart piece. Yeto may be beaten by merely holding the analog stick forward for most of the race and avoiding crashing. Yeta is more difficult and requires taking the shortcut by jumping shortly after the trees. She can also be stunned by slashing her with your sword. I believe, but have not confirmed, that going over the treetop jumps is slightly slower than riding through them (presuming you do not run into one). Additionally, there is something of a shortcut at the inception of the race where you can jump up onto the western ledge.
  • Heart Piece:  In the north portion of North Hyrule Field in the rocky area there is a boulder near a Tektite and Lizalfos which can be destroyed with either the mace and chain or a bomb. Inside is an ice wall which must be destroyed with the mace and chain, and a series of three block puzzles which must be solved to access a treasure chest containing a heart piece.

  • Heart Piece:  The eastern passage between Lake Hylia and North Hyrule Field (which is blocked by bombable boulders) has a series of spinner tracks which can be rode (starting from the northern end) up to a ledge with a treasure chest containing a heart piece.
  • Heart Piece:  Along the passage north of West Hyrule Field (north of the Eldin Bridge), just before the entrance to the Hidden Village, there is a path going north over a pit with a spinner track on the eastern side.  Ride the track across the pit then transform into wolf form and use your senses to detect a dig spot leading to a hidden grotto.  Inside are three Stalfos which must be killed to reveal a treasure chest containing a heart piece.

  • eart Piece: Once you are restored to human form, you can reach a ledge just west of the north end of the Eldin bridge with a clawshot.  Inside is a cave requiring you to drop into a series of magnetic fields with the iron boots.  At the end of the cave is a treasure chest containing a heart piece.

  • Heart Piece:  At the Lanayru Spring once you acquire the Clawshot you can reach some vines hanging from either side of the ledge the entrance is on.  From there, there is an area in the back with unlit torches that you can light to reveal a treasure chest containing a heart piece.
  • Heart Piece:  In the southern portion of Lake Hylia is a bombable boulder blocking a large cave.  If you go through it to the end there is a heart piece in a treasure chest.  As the cave is dark and many passages blocked by boulders, it is advisable to have a full lantern and possibly either a bottle of oil or an empty bottle (I believe there are yellow chus in the cave) as well as a full stock of bombs.

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  • There is a heart piece on a ledge on the eastern side of Death Moutain trail.  It can be reached by climbing onto the second goron along the trail (coming from Kakariko village) and turning towards the right wall and holding the analog stick forward. 

  • Finally, on the south portion of Kakariko Gorge (on the south side of the bridge) there is a boulder which can be destroyed with bombs.  Inside is a dark cave with a series of forks and cobweb blocked passages.  Go left, left, right, and left (on the Wii) at the forks in order to reach a dead end with a Skulltula.  Kill it to reveal a treasure chest with a heart piece inside.
  • Heart Piece:  After clearing the Twilight from Lake Hylia and unfreezing Zora's Domain, a number of attractions along the rivercourse and at the lake open up.  One of these is Hena's Fishing Hole, which has a heart piece on the central rock mass.  It can be retrieved by either casting the fishing pole at it, or donning Iron Boots near the rock mass and using a Clawshot (or maybe the Gale Boomerang--not sure if it works when standing in water, and I'm fairly sure the Boomerang cannot reach the central rock mass from any land in the fishing hole).

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  • Heart Piece: Return to this water filled room once you retrieve he boomerang to obtain a heart piece. Simply use the boomerang to blow out the four torches to lower the platforms revealing a chest containing the prize.
  • boomerang towards the hanging chest directly above to knock it down. Inside is a compass which will reveal the locations of additional treasure chests and the imprisoned monkeys. Now cross over to the west side of

  • After saving the kiddies, go to your house's basement and light your lantern for a rupee suprise! 

  • ow you can fully cross to the other side. Issun notes the  tower of mist eminating rising from the emperor's palace. Hmm. Enter the building across the bridge after a brief chat with Waka.
  • Bottom left corner--Take to Carpenter's Dock (top right dock) Top right corner--Take to boss Carpenter's house (top left dock) (You only have one chance to ferry him--he leaves forever if you fail) Top left corner--Take to East Street (bottom right dock) Middle left dock--Take to Weapons Dealer (middle right dock)
  • ead back to the girl. You'll get 20 Praise. Talk to her again and the  pattern she's thinking of will be a heart. Head back to Mr. Chic and draw the heart. This pattern is also stupid hard to draw "correctly". What you want to do is start at the bottom point, draw a straight diagonal line, curve to the top, make the other curve, then another straight diagonal line to the bottom point to finish the heart. It doesn't always work, but it occasionally does for me. Don't lose patience--keep trying! You'll get  that bastard to accept it eventually.

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