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Nov 25, 15

From eLearn Magazine: The following considerations should help avoid some of the pitfalls of introducing social media into a course.

Oct 23, 15

Great resources for teachers thinking about starting a class Twitter account from Alice Keeler.

Sep 14, 15

From Teach Thought - 5 Authentic Roles For Twitter In Your School

Find resources
Develop Student Thinking
Help Teachers Engage With A Global Professional Learning Network (See also 20 Ways To Improve Your PLN)
Monitor Emerging Trends
Find Professional Development

Aug 16, 15

From Alice Keeler - I have had several teachers how they can have their students tweet without having a Twitter account. I highly encourage teachers to have a class twitter account and a class hashtag. Here is how to use the class Twitter account.

Aug 16, 15

From Alice Keeler - This post is for people who run a Twitter Chat or are thinking of starting one up. I thought I would share the process I went through to organize and manage the weekly Twitter Chat #profchat.

Aug 16, 15

Alice Keeler answers FAQ's about starting a class Twitter account.

Jun 02, 15

From MIT's Sloane Review - "New research suggests that employees with a diverse Twitter network — one that exposes them to people and ideas they don’t already know — tend to generate better ideas."

Apr 27, 15

They have given their social media staff a clear mission and a great deal of autonomy; the account’s managers chat with customers, offer up front to solve problems, and empathize...

Apr 02, 15

From Jane Hart - " understand the VALUE it holds for them personally or professionally, requires spending TIME on it – being immersed in it and “feeling” what it’s all about."

Mar 21, 15

From Time - Social media site celebrates birthday with a round-up of influential moments and milestones

Mar 01, 15

The Common Core has become a flashpoint at the nexus of education politics and policy, fueled by ardent social media activists. To explore this phenomenon, this innovative and interactive website examines the Common Core debate through the lens of the influential social media site Twitter. Using a social network perspective that examines the relationships among actors, we focus on the most highly used Twitter hashtag about the Common Core: #commoncore. The central question of our investigation is: How are social media-enabled social networks changing the discourse in American politics that produces and sustains social policy?

Feb 03, 15

Twitter tool that allows you to pause Twitter chats

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