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Aug 11, 14

A quick tutorial on how to insert quizzes in educanon 

May 17, 14

From Richard Byrne - The app is one part calculator and one part mathematics tutorial. When students enter an equation into Math 42 they not only receive the answer they also receive a break-down of the steps needed in order to solve the equation.

Feb 13, 10

Algebra Review in 10 lessons from the University of Akron

Apr 04, 10

Via Richard Byrne - This guide avoids some of the obvious things, like using Google Docs for collaborative writing, and instead focuses on some of the lesser-used Google tools options like publishing an online quiz using Google Docs. In all there are 33 p

Apr 13, 10

From Kristen Swanson's blog = a tutorial for beginners to Macs

Jun 17, 10

Great overview for new Mac users

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