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Feb 18, 16

From Peter Greene - That flexibility has been invaluable. If a teacher asked me about having their school go one-to-one, I'd say absolutely go for it, and do it with lots of resources and no plan. Expect it to be hard. But also expect to find new and interesting mountains to climb.

Jun 14, 15

Article from Ben Herold in Edweek - Adults seem to be the ones holding up progress in using technology to improve learning

  • In a forthcoming study by researcher Emily Rodgers of The Ohio State University, in Columbus, and her colleagues, 1st graders in low-performing elementary schools showed statistically significant gains in their ability to identify letters after using an iPad app called LetterWorks. Their teachers, however, expressed reluctance about continuing to use the app, in large part because they held a philosophical belief that tactile learning is important for young children.
Dec 05, 14

Great comment from a student at Bud Hunt's school at one of their iPad Geekouts (iGo's)

Sep 10, 14

Cool challenge-based PD for staff to build tech capcity.

Jan 20, 14

Craig Badura discusses how he has created challenges for teachers to complete to help make PD more engaging. 

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