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Jan 03, 16

From Lisa Neilsen - "Find out who the influencers are in your community. Look at your student body. Look at parents. Look at bloggers. Invite them on a tour. Create an experience. Encourage them to share what they find using the designated hashtag. Ask them to write a post for their site, or yours, giving a customer perspective."

Dec 26, 15

From Danah Boyd - Most parents don’t have the foggiest clue what happens to their kids’ data, and giving them the power to consent sure doesn’t help them become more informed. Hell, most parents don’t have enough information to make responsible decisions for themselves, so why are we trusting them to know enough to protect their children?

Sep 20, 15

From George Couros - There is this notion that ignoring social media in schools is a way of protecting our kids from the dangers of the web.

Sep 15, 15

A University of Phoenix® College of Education survey conducted online by Harris Poll in April among 1,002 U.S. K-12 teachers finds only 13 percent of today’s K-12 teachers have integrated social media into classroom learning, with an overwhelming majority (87 percent) reporting they have not embraced social platforms. Additionally, more teachers are citing a reluctance to incorporate social media into classroom learning than in 2013 (62 percent vs. 55 percent).

Sep 15, 15

Teens who feel a round-the-clock compulsion to participate on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter may pay a price in lost sleep. They may also face a higher risk for depression and anxiety, new research suggests.

Aug 14, 15

Despite what you decide to do about smartphone use at school, it’s time for K-12 schools to start thinking about adding social media training for students. Some school districts already have mandatory classes based on approved curriculums and there are lots of great resources out there to help put something together.

Aug 14, 15

"Far too often, uninformed goals are established for social media success, such as an arbitrary number of likes on Facebook or the number of tweets made during a specified time period. Using social media KPIs (key performance indicators) is a useful way to establish a common language for leadership and the marketing team to measure success in the social media strategy."

Aug 14, 15

Great guidelines for school districts in developing social media policies from Scott McLeod

Jul 23, 15

Good overview of how-to use social media successfully from Harvard Business Review

Jul 23, 15

Good call to administrators from Bill Ferriter on why Principals need to embrace social media tools

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