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Mar 28, 15

More food for thought on marketing schools from Brendan Schneider

Mar 27, 15

Another example of social media used to promote a positive message - What's your stereotype of the Somali capital Mogadishu?
Whatever it is, chances are it's different from the view you get if you follow Ugaaso Abukar Boocow on Instagram.

Mar 21, 15

Some great tips from Brendan Schneider about using social media tools to help manage your priorities

Mar 07, 15

From Brendan Schneider - Some good insights on how to use Facebook for marketing/engagement

Mar 01, 15

The Common Core has become a flashpoint at the nexus of education politics and policy, fueled by ardent social media activists. To explore this phenomenon, this innovative and interactive website examines the Common Core debate through the lens of the influential social media site Twitter. Using a social network perspective that examines the relationships among actors, we focus on the most highly used Twitter hashtag about the Common Core: #commoncore. The central question of our investigation is: How are social media-enabled social networks changing the discourse in American politics that produces and sustains social policy?

Jan 25, 15

From the Washington Post - An Illinois bill allowing schools to ask for social media passwords from students has led to at least one district notifying parents of the policy.

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