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Jul 07, 15

 Teacher leaders will facilitate the I’m Charged classrooms throughout the school district. These classrooms will serve as model learning and teaching sites for other teachers in the Meriden Public Schools as well as other districts. By creating a collaborative learning culture, the Meriden Public Schools is braced for a successful digital transformation.

Jun 02, 15

Interesting research to consider surrounding workplace learning (professional development).

Apr 19, 15

I have found that when you involve a group of people with the mindset of  "How would I learn this best?" around a short question, they tend to come up with tremendous ideas--and again, I was not disappointed.

Apr 07, 15

George Couros - "I was thinking about how if we want schools to do this type of learning with their students, it is more likely to be successful if teachers had the opportunity to participate in this type of professional learning."

Mar 28, 15

From Getting Smart - "At last year’s Learning Forward Conference in Texas, Linda Hammond Darling (the respected Professor of Education at Stanford University and Director of the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future) was asked about the effectiveness of teacher professional development. She said that while she believes some districts are doing a great job and could just tweak it around the edges, about 90% of school districts need to think about starting over and redesigning their PD."

  • Adult learning inmultiple forms abounds in school districts. However, articulation of focused, coherent professional development is a rarity. A specified path for professional development and training for all employeesserves toclarifyexpectations, evaluations,and the allocation of resources. This requires a school district to clarify its aim as a system and align professional development so that it can have its greatest impact on improving student learning. A school district should organize itself sothat each employee has access to adult learning that affects his or her ability to perform so that every student learns and is able to graduate.
  • Continuous improvement is a familiar model, used in much school improvement planning. Killion and Roy‘s Backmapping Model for Planning Results-Based Professional Learning, shown below, complements school improvement planning. Killion and Royobserve that―School improvement plans identify student learning goals, while professional learning helps educators acquirethe knowledge and skills to help students meet those goals‖
Jan 24, 15

An interesting conversation from Educon about reframing professional learning for teachers.

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