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Sep 15, 15

some great evidence about the efficacy of Edcamps published in Professional Development in Education.

Sep 03, 15

From Tom Vander Ark Like students, educators deserve a clear map of what they need to know and be able to do, multiple ways to learn, and options for demonstrating mastery. In most cases we think progress will be marked with a stackable series of micro-credentials. No more random courses for continuing ed credits, just highly relevant job-linked learning. 

Aug 31, 15

From Forbes - The answer is, we have to take our professional and personal development into our own hands, this must happen inside of our companies and outside of them. We can no longer rely on educational institutions or corporations to give us all the tools and all the training we need to be successful.

Aug 16, 15

A report confronting the truths about teacher Professional Development

Aug 16, 15

Micro-credentials are exactly that, but smaller, bite size, awarded for the demonstration of very specific competencies.  And what comes with a micro-credential is not a certificate or a diploma, but a badge.  This is familiar to many readers, I realize, but for those it is not, think Boy Scout or Girl Scout Merit Badges.

In today’s digital environment, you can create an account to host your badges, such as Mozilla’s Open Badges platform (,  Credly (, or Achievery, ( )  and export them to LinkedIn, Twitter, or elsewhere.

Aug 07, 15

From Stephen Sawchuk on Edweek - In case studies of three districts, TNTP failed to find any pattern linking those teachers who improved their craft to a specific type of professional development. And that's despite those districts spending an average of $18,000 annually per teacher on classroom coaching, workshops, and other forms of support.

Aug 07, 15

From the Washington Post - A new study of 10,000 teachers found that professional development — the teacher workshops and training that cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year — is largely a waste.

Aug 07, 15

From Inc - It's time to let go of "old school" approaches to content creation and delivery such as on-site classrooms, lifeless webinars and content created within the "ivory tower" and offer training that is digital, socially accessible, authentic, personally relevant and self-paced.

Jul 07, 15

 Teacher leaders will facilitate the I’m Charged classrooms throughout the school district. These classrooms will serve as model learning and teaching sites for other teachers in the Meriden Public Schools as well as other districts. By creating a collaborative learning culture, the Meriden Public Schools is braced for a successful digital transformation.

Jun 02, 15

Interesting research to consider surrounding workplace learning (professional development).

Apr 19, 15

I have found that when you involve a group of people with the mindset of  "How would I learn this best?" around a short question, they tend to come up with tremendous ideas--and again, I was not disappointed.

Apr 07, 15

George Couros - "I was thinking about how if we want schools to do this type of learning with their students, it is more likely to be successful if teachers had the opportunity to participate in this type of professional learning."

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