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Jan 24, 15

An interesting conversation from Educon about reframing professional learning for teachers.

Feb 24, 15

The Managing Complex Change model puts language to that which makes some schools successful while others struggle. The model looks at five components necessary to create a desired environment. These include vision, skills, incentives, resources, action plan. If any one piece is missing the model indicates results schools will experience including change, confusion, anxiety, gradual change, frustration, and a false start. 

Aug 17, 14

Inspirational Videos Help You Frame Focus + Follow Up Professional Development

Jun 02, 14

From Richard Byrne - The summer is a great time to explore new-to-you iPad apps that you might want to add to the iPads that you have in your classroom. Each day this week I’m going to share a selection of apps appropriate for four ranges of pre-K-12 grades. 

May 20, 14

More hours in the school day for teachers as well as students can lead to improved academic achievement, according to a new report that studies 17 schools across the nation that give teachers more time for collaboration and professional development.

Apr 22, 14

This is the challenge that must be met, “How do we make something that is mandatory for all, excellent enough that we begin to change the brains of 1000 teachers.  PD can be a good thing, and you will learn something if you come willing to learn.

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