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Dec 15, 15

Some great tips in here! District Support Strategies for a #PBL Launch | Edutopia #edchat

Nov 14, 15

From Edutopia - "Project-based learning (PBL) provides a powerful opportunity for students to reflect on who they want to be and what decisions they want to make. One student says, "[PBL] helps me try to ask questions and find out what everything means. The self-advocacy is a really important part, getting information for yourself." Teachers who have implemented project-based approaches report that students are empowered when they make personal conclusions about the value of their learning and reflect on the complexity of decision-making."

Aug 02, 15

Slide presentation from Shaelynn Farnswoth

Nov 02, 14

This resource list will help teachers enhance their skill in assessment in PBL.

May 12, 14

Check out these projects from our friends @EnvisionSchools! - #DeeperLearning #PBLChat #PBL

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