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Apr 08, 16

From Graphite - Now, when you find cool resources on Graphite -- from reviews to blog posts to Top Picks lists and beyond -- you can click "Bookmark." This will store that resource in your profile. You can later curate that into a Collection -- think a Pinterest board but for Graphite resources -- or you can click "Organize" right after saving and add the resource to an existing Collection or create a new one.

Jan 18, 16

A Book Sprint is a collaborative process where a book is produced from the ground up in just five days. But even more important, this collaborative process captures the knowledge of a group of subject-matter experts in a manner that would be nearly impossible using traditional methods. The result at the end of the Book Sprint is a high-quality finished book in digital and print-ready formats, ready for distribution.

Jan 18, 16

 a collection of freely available materials that we think are useful for First-Year Composition courses

Dec 01, 15

Reflections from the Open Ed. Conference

Feb 28, 14

As a registered OpenEd user (registration is free and takes less than thirty seconds to complete) you can create courses and playlists of videos and other materials that you find in the OpenEd directory. You can align your courses and playlists to Common Core standards. If you choose to align your course to a standard, OpenEd will suggest materials to you. OpenEd supports inclusion of assessments within your course. 

Jan 19, 14

Largest K-12 Educational Resource Catalog
More Than A Million Common Core Videos, Games and Assessments

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