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Feb 15, 16

From Katie Dunn - What does “effective online research” even mean? Type in a search term and get going, right? While on one hand, it literally is that easy, if you want to find good quality, highly relevant materials, you need to move far beyond a quick Google search and visiting your old pal Wikipedia. We have some great, easy tips for how to make the most of online research coming your way.

Sep 23, 15

Good list of ways to make online classes more engaging from John Spencer

Sep 20, 14

A pretty good list of free online courses for high school students

Jul 08, 14

While schools' access to technology continues to increase, roughly 60 percent of K-12 officials surveyed by an industry group do not feel their schools have the bandwidth or devices to make them ready for summative, online testing.

Apr 21, 14

A more plausible possibility is that we’re not less capable of reading complex prose, but less willing to put in the work. Our criterion for concluding, “this is boring, this is not paying off,” has been lowered because the Web makes it so easy to find something else to read, watch, or listen to.

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