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Aug 28, 15

From Grant Wiggins - Essential questions rarely arise in a first draft. Here's how to construct good ones.

Aug 18, 15

From Tom Vander Ark - If you’re interested in human development, the opportunity to learn almost anything has never been better.

Aug 14, 15

From Bo Adams - What if “students” created the courses – at least some of the courses – offered at school? What if those courses were the kind that many people would describe as “the most rigorous” a school offers? This is innovation.

Jul 07, 15

From Bo Adams - When young people see the economy through a circular lens, they see brand new opportunities on exactly the same horizon. They can use their creativity and knowledge to rebuild the entire system, and it’s there for the taking right now, and the faster we do this, the better.

May 26, 15

Some scholars are trying to discern what kinds of learning have survived technological replacement better than others.

Apr 02, 15

From Jane Hart - " understand the VALUE it holds for them personally or professionally, requires spending TIME on it – being immersed in it and “feeling” what it’s all about."

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