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Jan 21, 15

From Larry Cuban "claims from technological enthusiasts that “progress” means classroom teachers will be obsolete in the 21st century are, at best, premature, or, at worst, mindless."

Nov 06, 14

What the modern world has forgotten about children
and learning.

Jul 09, 14

The handy infographic below takes a look at the four levels of learning analytics

Jun 30, 14

From NPR - Ever wonder why children can so easily figure out how to work the TV remote? Or why they "totally get" apps on your smartphone faster than you? It turns out that young children may be more open-minded than adults when it comes to solving problems.

Apr 21, 14

 Learning through play with “hands-on, minds-on” approaches (not workbooks) is a powerful way forward. Play gives children space to dream, discover, improvise, and challenge convention. It’s crucial to social, emotional, cognitive and even physical development, helping them grow up “better adjusted, smarter and less stressed.” We know this.

Mar 20, 14

New learning tool from Google

Feb 08, 14

Great TED Talk from the Director of the United States Office of Educational Technology.

Jan 23, 14

How Albemarle (VA) is re-defining professional development and making teachers the "makers" of their own learning

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