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Jan 03, 16

"I want to propose a test: How would we react to the worrisome, antisocial behaviors Hall notes in her essay if we simply replaced the ipads in her descriptions with books?"

Jun 08, 15

Interesting perspective from the students - Many students at Roosevelt felt the news media had mischaracterized their school and its students as criminals for figuring out how to get around the iPad’s security features, often to access educational information.

Apr 13, 15

Good post about the quality vs. quantity debate with screen time. 

Apr 03, 15

Good post on digital workflow for the iPad from Holly Clark

Mar 22, 15

Good summary of what the iPad can do that laptops cannot from Tim Holt

Feb 03, 15

The most remarkable thing about Audio Recorder Pro is the number of export options it provides, including exporting audio as video which can be saved locally to the camera roll or uploaded to video sharing sites including YouTube. 

Aug 12, 14

Collect AND Curate - The iPad Classroom

Dec 05, 14

Great comment from a student at Bud Hunt's school at one of their iPad Geekouts (iGo's)

Nov 30, 14

From Educate 1-to-1 - A recent development by Apple, iBeacon is a simple technology allowing devices to signal their presence. Similar to a lighthouse beacon signalling the presence of a nearby coastline with a pulse of light every second, an iBeacon does exactly the same, but with a pulse of a bluetooth radio signal. Thankfully, it’s also on a much smaller scale to a lighthouse, with an iBeacon device being the size of a small pebble, and its signal reaching around 50m.

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