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Apr 13, 16

Great short video from Derek SIvers on great ideas

Mar 05, 16

Cool school in Cambridge - Open environment with no grades

Oct 31, 15

From Ben Grey "nnovation is a beautifully romanticized notion. It brings to mind thoughts of amazing individuals like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Marie Curie who so daringly defied and displaced the status quo. And therein lies the problem. - See more at:

Aug 05, 15

From Cale Birk - Along with friend and colleague Simon Breakspear, I have been kicking around the idea of frugal innovation for the past few months.  While frugal innovation is a term that is often used in fields outside of education, and there have been a number of books about the concept, it can be adapted to education with a definition such as this:

Jun 02, 15

Enter "Designing Your Life," a new and wildly popular course for Stanford juniors and seniors that is grounded in design thinking concepts and techniques. The course’s lessons gave him the perspective he needed to navigate decisions about life and work post graduation.

May 16, 15

From - Seth Godin - "You don't need a consultant or a lot of money to radically improve your speed to market. You will speed up once you're comfortable going faster."

  • That’s how we think of it. If we can get out of the way, our guests can create more memories.
  • It also allows Disney to optimize employees. The goal was to create a system that would essentially replace the time spent fiddling with payments and tickets for moments of personal interactions with visitors.
  • “move past transactions, into an interactive space, where they can personalize the experience,”

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Aug 17, 14

via Bo Adams - "n thinking about what we’ll need from our future leaders, executives have come to realize that the ability to innovate will be one of the foremost qualities–that is, the ability to quickly identify solutions for problems, many of which don’t even exist yet."

Jun 30, 14

From fastcodesign - The country's strongest innovators embrace creativity, play, and collaboration -- values that also inform their physical spaces.

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