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Aug 28, 15

From Grant Wiggins - Essential questions rarely arise in a first draft. Here's how to construct good ones.

Aug 24, 15

From the Google Apps team: As teachers gear up for the new school year, we’re adding a number of new features in Google Classroom to help them save time, engage with students, and keep everyone organized. Most of these features are rolling out this week, with others coming soon.

Aug 16, 15

From Alice Keeler - I have had several teachers how they can have their students tweet without having a Twitter account. I highly encourage teachers to have a class twitter account and a class hashtag. Here is how to use the class Twitter account.

Aug 16, 15

From Alice Keeler - This post is for people who run a Twitter Chat or are thinking of starting one up. I thought I would share the process I went through to organize and manage the weekly Twitter Chat #profchat.

Aug 16, 15

Alice Keeler answers FAQ's about starting a class Twitter account.

Aug 08, 15

From Richard Byrne - The video embedded below demonstrates how to highlight and comment on videos through Vibby.

Aug 04, 15

From Richard Byrne - WixEd is a free online course all about building and maintain a website through Wix. 

Aug 04, 15

Good overview of how to use Diigo groups from Richard Byrne - Diigo groups provide a good place to share resources with students and have them share with you and each other. Diigo groups can be private. I ask students to add notes to the links that they share in a group. Those notes should provide the rest of the group with an explanation of why the link is useful. 

Jul 28, 15

Good overview of Book Creator's new features and how it can be used in the classroom.

Jul 23, 15

Good overview of how-to use social media successfully from Harvard Business Review

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