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Dec 15, 15

Perspectives on textbooks in higher ed. Wondering if any secondary schools are thinking about this.

Jul 29, 15

From the NYTimes - To understand the failures of the modern American college system — from admissions marketing to graduation rates — you can begin with a notorious university football scandal.

Jul 16, 15

Great post from Cathy Davidson on the current state of higher ed. (and secondary ed for that matter). Are students getting the courses that they need most?

Apr 19, 15

From Cathy Davidson regarding learning in college classrooms, but I think the insights are worth considering at all levels

Jan 23, 14

An interesting story about an institution that was in decline and how things turned around. Are there lessons here for others to learn from?

Jan 13, 11

RT @eschoolnews: Adaptive learning tool helps spur individual success (@ecampusnews) #highered #college #edtech #bhschat

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