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Jul 12, 15

Three Google Drive settings from Richard Byrne:
1. Google Docs offline
2. file conversion
3. photo folder creation

Nov 07, 14

Google Drive users who have updated to iOS 8 on their iPads will find some helpful new features in the latest update to the Google Drive iPad app. The latest update to the app enables you to open files in Drive and save them back to Drive even when you're using other apps to create and edit. The other productivity update allows you to move video files from Google Drive to your iPad's camera roll.

May 19, 14

a three-level, “Choose Your Own Adventure With Google Drive,” learning experience for educators. - See more at:

May 12, 14

Kaizena is an outstanding web based tool that allows teachers to provide audio feedback on student work that has been created and shared through as Google Docs. Kaizena is not a native tool in a Google Drive account, but can be added through the Google Drive apps store. 

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