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Jul 07, 15

The Office Compatibility Mode extension in Chrome allows people to view and edit Microsoft® Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Based on feedback, we’ve added a new feature that makes it simpler to use those edited files on the web.

Jun 03, 15

Some best practices for using Google Apps in the math classroom.

Mar 31, 15

From The Gooru - "How do you increase adoption early on and ensure a smooth implementation for your school? Below are 12 tips addressing change management, training and adoption."

Jan 21, 15

If your company is about to transition to Google Apps, there will undoubtedly be some strong resistance. It’s a matter of human nature – people don’t tend to embrace change. We like things the way they are. This is why your company needs a strategic plan for dealing with change management when you begin to implement Google Apps.

Nov 30, 14

Google Apps for Education has actually revolutionized the education system. This infographic showcases how schools are embracing Google apps.

May 10, 13

66 of the top 100 schools are Google Apps for Education according to US News and World Report

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