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Feb 08, 16

From Alice Keeler - Fluency Tutor for Google by Texthelp allows you to hear your students read. Newsela allows students to read current news articles at different Lexile levels. Using them together allows students to record and share their reading of news articles with you.

Dec 06, 15

Great ideas from Shaelynn Farnsowrth h/t to Beth Holland for bookmarking the site.

Nov 30, 15

From Terry Heick - 30 Innovative Ways To Use Google In Education
To build search literacy in 21st century learners, consider having students:

Aug 23, 15

From Alice Keeler - I added collaborative notes documents to Google Classroom as “Students can edit file.” I did not want to push out a copy of the document to each student since the students are working in groups. This means that the collaborative document does NOT show up in the Google Classroom class folder for the student.

Aug 18, 15

From Harvard Biz - Page’s distinction brings to life the idea of strategic ambidexterity: a company’s ability of exploring new practices, products and business models while exploiting existing ones at the same time—a capability which is both remarkably valuable and equally hard in practice.

Aug 17, 15

In response to a tweet asking how to print a folder of student work in Google Drive I wrote a script that will list all the files in a folder in your Google Drive and create a PDF.

Aug 02, 15

From CK12 - We’re proud to announce that we have integrated the Google Classroom share button within CK-12. Now, teachers and students will be able to access our entire library of content in conjunction with the Google Classroom platform.

Aug 02, 15

Slide presentation from Shaelynn Farnswoth

May 18, 15

Site to download data from Google 

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