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Dec 04, 14

three awesome updates to the relationship between Gmail, Google Drive and Microsoft Office.

Nov 30, 14

Google Apps for Education has actually revolutionized the education system. This infographic showcases how schools are embracing Google apps.

Nov 07, 14

Google Drive users who have updated to iOS 8 on their iPads will find some helpful new features in the latest update to the Google Drive iPad app. The latest update to the app enables you to open files in Drive and save them back to Drive even when you're using other apps to create and edit. The other productivity update allows you to move video files from Google Drive to your iPad's camera roll.

Jul 22, 14

From Richard Byrne - FluencyTutor for Google is a Chrome web app (works on Chromebook, PC, Mac) that allows teachers to share selected reading passages with their students. Students can hear the passages read aloud. The text being read aloud is highlighted to help students follow along with the reading.

Jul 07, 14

From Richard Byrne - Visits is a new online tool for creating a location history timeline by using your Flickr images and Google Maps. The service allows you to select a set of your public Flickr images and match them to your Google Maps history. Visits uses the date information in your Flickr images and Google Maps history to create a timeline. The timeline events are represented as sets of circles. Watch the video below to see the process in action.

Jul 03, 14

New Geography-based game from Google

Jun 30, 14

From Richard Byrne - Through Story Builder you can create a short story that appears to be written by multiple editors but is really written by just one person

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