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Nov 23, 15

Good slide from Tim Holt showing the reality of the digital world and businesses

Oct 31, 15

From Ben Grey "nnovation is a beautifully romanticized notion. It brings to mind thoughts of amazing individuals like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Marie Curie who so daringly defied and displaced the status quo. And therein lies the problem. - See more at:

Oct 24, 15

From the Atlantic - "High-school textbooks too often gloss over the American government’s oppression of racial minorities."

Oct 10, 15 @patrickmlarkin g8t example of passion in #education #leadership #CE15 #edchat #suptchat #school #parents

Oct 04, 15

Interesting read - The courses cover too much material and do so too quickly and superficially. In short, AP courses are a forced march through a preordained subject, leaving no time for a high-school teacher to take her or his students down some path of mutual interest. The AP classroom is where intellectual curiosity goes to die.

Oct 02, 15

Interesting model for students to lead their own learning

Sep 15, 15

Good resource for reviewing tech tools

Aug 02, 15

From The Atlantic - Research suggests that, in the United States, the more motivation students say they have, the better they perform on various academic assessments. But that trend doesn’t seem to apply across countries.

Jul 25, 15

A vision for education in MA in the next 20 years -published by the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education

Jul 22, 15

A good post refuting the following often cited statistic about teachers: ‘Teachers who work in a given school, and therefore teach students with similar demographic characteristics, can be responsible for increases in math and reading levels that range from a low of one-half year to a high of one and a half years of learning each academic year.’

Jun 07, 15

Top 17 Accounts for #education! Worth following! @patrickmlarkin @WorldLillie @BurkheadBill #edchat

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