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Nov 23, 15

Good slide from Tim Holt showing the reality of the digital world and businesses

Nov 20, 15

EdTech Is Maturing #edtechchat #ettipad #edtech

Oct 11, 15

In a world where “screen time” is becoming simply “time,” our policies must evolve or become obsolete. The public needs to know that the Academy’s advice is science-driven, not based merely on the precautionary principle.

Sep 20, 15

From Audrey Watters - "The OECD released a “first-of-its-kind” report earlier this week on computers and education, eliciting – as all of its PISA-related reports tend to do – precisely the responses you’d suspect: a lot of “schools are doing it wrong.”

Sep 18, 15

Great Huff Post from Dean Shareski - Sadly, it seems many of our leaders have also missed out on the learning revolution that is taking place all around them. The second thing that has to change is our definition of "doing better". We should be asking how technology is changing teaching and learning. Questions like "What can this technolgy do that couldn't be done without it? Thes questions lead to fundamentally different ideas about what classrooms can and should look like.

Aug 29, 15

By Phil HillMore Posts (356) Late last week I described the new plan from the US Department of Education (ED) and their Office of Educational Technology (OET) to “call for better methods for evaluating educational apps”. Essentially the ED is … Continue reading →

Aug 29, 15

The Department of Education plans to evaluate ed-tech’s effectiveness. 

Aug 21, 15

Amen, @patrickmlarkin! | A Quick Letter to #EdTech Salespeople via @educationweek cc: @edtech_stories #edtechchat

Aug 07, 15

Using the SAMR Model to Guide Learning by @ThatEdTechGuy #edtech #SAMR #ipaded

Aug 02, 15

From Audrey Watters -  Investments in ed-tech are at a record high, Inside Higher Ed and Education Week (among others) have observed. 

Jul 01, 15

Welcome to new @educationweek blogger @patrickmlarkin writing about #edtech. Catch up on his #ISTE2015 talk here.

Jun 14, 15

Article from Ben Herold in Edweek - Adults seem to be the ones holding up progress in using technology to improve learning

  • In a forthcoming study by researcher Emily Rodgers of The Ohio State University, in Columbus, and her colleagues, 1st graders in low-performing elementary schools showed statistically significant gains in their ability to identify letters after using an iPad app called LetterWorks. Their teachers, however, expressed reluctance about continuing to use the app, in large part because they held a philosophical belief that tactile learning is important for young children.
May 29, 15

How Grand Valley State University Made Online Teacher Training a Possibility with Swivl – A case study: #edtech

May 06, 15

Keeping your online presence professional is key to success: @LowellSunNews #EdTech #edchat #DigitalLeaders

Apr 04, 15

Can't get enough @nicholedobo reporting on #blendedlearning and #edtech? Get exclusive newsletter content:

Apr 03, 15

WOW! #ettipad Boston?! It's like someone built my #edtech PLN Pantheon! @mrbadura @GuyKawasaki

Feb 06, 15

A great look at the landscape of educatioanal technology by Audrey Watters - who is creating it, who is using it, and who is telling the story

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