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Oct 06, 15

"kids are productive learners when they come to us, and over the course of 12 years, we pretty much turn learning into something they don’t want to learn anything more about. We make it unproductive and disengaging."

Oct 02, 15

From Will Richardson - Built on the idea of North Star in Massachusetts, it strips away almost all of the bureaucracy of school as we know it and just focuses on kids and learning. The more I dive in, the more sense it makes. 

Sep 20, 15

test-based accountability is failing on its most important mandate—eliminating the achievement gap between different groups of students. 

Aug 16, 15

Here is a concrete example that many schools are struggling with: We want to find time in the daily schedule for… (take your pick: mindfulness, balance, reflection, global programs, capstones, new courses, more sleep for students, teacher collaboration, etc). But there are a limited number of minutes in the day. And everyone has their own pet need or bit of turf to protect. How do we decide what to add, what to keep, and what to let go?

Jul 31, 15

From Jonathan Martin - A profile of new (and relatively new) innovative educational models which are becoming more significant alternatives in the landscape of educational choice, and includes interviews with leaders of these alternative models.

Jul 25, 15

A vision for education in MA in the next 20 years -published by the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education

Jun 21, 15

Good list of edreform action items for schools, districts, and/or states from Scott McLeod

May 12, 15

From Chris Tienken - "Colleagues and I used US Census data to predict state test results in mathematics and language arts as part of various research projects we have been conducting over the last three years. Specifically, we predicted the percentage of students at the district and school levels who score proficient or above on their state’s mandated standardized tests, without using any school-specific information such as length of school day, teacher mobility, computer-to-student ratio, etc."

Apr 29, 15

Finland has announced that in their new national curriculum, they will emphasize phenomena-based project studies instead of traditional subjects. The Ringstabekk school—with 425 students aged 13 to 16 years just outside Norway’s capital, Oslo—has been doing this for 40 years with great success.

Sep 14, 14

Satirical piece from the Onion about fixing our country's schools

Aug 17, 14

via Bo Adams - "n thinking about what we’ll need from our future leaders, executives have come to realize that the ability to innovate will be one of the foremost qualities–that is, the ability to quickly identify solutions for problems, many of which don’t even exist yet."

Jul 09, 14

A look at the education that we need to provide for our students in a world dominated by technology.

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