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Dec 03, 15

From Elena Aguilar - "here are many things that we can do -- as team leaders or members of teams -- to turn our team towards healthy communication." 

Aug 04, 15

From Richard Byrne - Through SimplyCircle you can create an online community for parents of students in your classroom. You can use SimplyCircle to send messages, organize tasks for parent-volunteers, and post updates about things happening in your classroom and in your school. Parents don't have to sign into SimplyCircle daily because you can choose to send a daily digest of updates to their email addresses.

May 02, 15

A good look at the pros and cons of using a blog to communicate information to parents

Apr 04, 15

I used to be scared to experiment with our marketing.

I thought that I there was the potential for me to “screw something up” and I didn’t want to hurt my school’s name.  The realization is that you won’t screw anything up. The reality is that the worse case scenario is that no one will pay attention. You need to learn from that lack of attention and try something else.

Mar 25, 15

Wondering about customer service when it comes to the way educational institutions connect with their stakeholders, mainly parents and students. What connections can we draw here?

Mar 11, 15

Simple but effective way to ensure that everyone is on the same page 

Jan 23, 14

schools need to embrace a new vision for school communications both externally and internally.

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