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Aug 16, 15

Arianna Huffington’s thoughts on re-energizing, re-centering and getting more rest in her latest book. Based on many discussions we compiled this list of tips to find the elusive work/life balance we all strive for.

Jul 29, 15

From Wes Fryer - Even though we are literally surrounded by screens at times in today’s society, I don’t think we yet fully appreciate just how powerful they truly are… or the “digital discipline” required to overcome their attraction for and influence on our minds.

Apr 24, 15

The fact is that too many children are being thrown in the digital deep end, without the skills or supervision they need to survive.

Apr 13, 15

Good post about the quality vs. quantity debate with screen time. 

May 04, 14

From Clive Thompson in Mother Jones:
New research suggests that asking too much of workers during off hours can seriously backfire.

  • When we feel distracted, then we have a rare chance to be introspective, to pause and look inward and ask what about our life (overwork? boredom? too much email? anger at one's boss?) or about the particular work situation (traffic? no window? bad air? noise? a cubicle?  too much email?)  is making us unable to focus.
  • Often, if you can catch the moment of distraction, you catch your biggest insight and you miss it otherwise, if you don't stop to analyze what is making you distracted.
  • Distraction is our friend. If only we can use it as a diagnostic of all the things about ourselves that we often see because we're too obsessed with paying attention! 
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