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Apr 19, 16

Great post by Karl Fisch on the true cost of standardized testing.

Mar 13, 16

A look at the message coming from those pushing PARCC and similar tests that are alleged to help us accomplish positive school reform.

Mar 21, 15

Another Must Read - More on student privacy from Audrey Watters - prompted by Pearson's monitoring students' online activity during PARCC exams. 

  • Warning bells for me: this was the second story in a row in which Braun had disclosed the personal information of a female edu employee of the state of New Jersey. And in this second story, it wasn’t just work info; it was a home address. Her deets. Her documents. Her dox.

Highlighted sections of ELL Requirements for Principals

  • ELL students must participate in allMCAS or PARCC tests scheduled for their grades regardless of the language program and services they are receiving or the amount of time they have been in the United States. The one exception applies to first-year ELL students who enrolled in U.S. schools after March 1, 2014.
  • ELL students, including those who have been identified as LEP in the past, but are no longer reported as LEP, may use an authorized bilingual word-to-word dictionary and/or glossary on the following MCASand/or PARCC tests:
Feb 21, 15

Peter Greene live-blogs his taking of the PARCC test. Interesting read.

Aug 04, 14

Considerations for districts choosing PARCC computer-based testing for Spring 2015

Mar 26, 14

from Al Jazeera America - Is  technology-based standardized test really accomplishing what we want in regards to ed reform?

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