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Patrick Larkin

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about 8 hours ago

"Adobe Spark empowers anyone – including small businesses, social marketers and students – to create stunning visual content that engages audiences across multiple channels and looks great on any device."

about 9 hours ago

From Edutopia - Fortunately, there are plenty of resources on the web with useful information for all stakeholders -- parents, students, educators, and administrators -- to help support a successful transition to the next major stepping stone. Here are a few for each milestone in the K-12 pipeline and beyond.

about 9 hours ago

I like the open-ended questions used here at the Summative Meeting.

about 9 hours ago

Washington Post article on MA study on PARCC and MCAS - Interesting commentary from a Vermont Supt. who thinks it is a fairy tale.

  • does the test validly measure the much vaunted touchstone criteria of “College and Career Ready?”
  • This means the PARCC tests predicted 16 percent of first-year college GPA.
  • With just as much accuracy, they could have said “the PARCC test cannot explain between 82-95  percent of college GPA. Thus, it cannot validly predict college readiness.”

2 more annotations...

about 9 hours ago

A thoughtful approach to homework for math...Even though I'm not a fan of 30 minutes per night.

about 9 hours ago

From Phil Hill - I'm seeing a lot of chatter online about the recently-released Blackboard report and this slide in particular: Foundational Insights When students take a class online, they make a tacit agreement to a poorer experience which undermines...

about 9 hours ago

A lot of information in this 2-minute video on the diversity in the U.S.

May 27, 16

Socio-economic class affects the way children are prescribed pills—and not at all in the way you’d expect.

May 25, 16

From Mashable - Still, education has always been a big focus for Apple and its clear that is only going to continue. Many of the big iOS 9.3 features for the iPad were aimed strictly at education.
With iPad sales continuing to stagnate, focusing on education makes a lot of sense. After all, it’s clear the kids love using them in the classroom.

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