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Patrick Larkin

Patrick Larkin's Public Library

about 9 hours ago

We are not serving our kids. When it comes to youth sports too often we are focused on the needs of the business, and ignoring the needs of the child.

Sep 28, 16

From Harold Jarche - "We don’t need to create more jobs, but rather better ways of co-creating value between humans."

Sep 23, 16

"I ask that you put yourself in the shoes of black and brown children growing up in a world where they see videos of their classmate’s father shot and bleeding in the street."

Sep 23, 16

Great list of strategies teachers can use to help introverts speak up in the classroom:

Sep 23, 16

Stoeies of EdTech Innovation and #GoOpen districts from the Office of Ed Tech

Sep 22, 16

Imposrtant nsight from a black educator on what it feels like to be a black educator amid all of the national unrest around police shootings of unarmed black men.

Sep 21, 16

From the Hechinger Report re: higher ed. - “The reason we don’t have more faculty of color among college faculty is that we don’t want them. We simply don’t want them.”

Sep 20, 16

From Charles Pierce - "If Massachusetts has done charters better than, say, Ohio or Florida, it is because the state has exercised the excellent, rigorous oversight that he mentions, and the cap has been an essential part of that oversight. The current campaign to eliminate the cap is not being done to benefit poor children. It is being waged to benefit the charter school industry, which wants to demolish that excellent, rigorous oversight with which Chait claims to be so impressed because it stands in the way of that industry's profits."

Sep 19, 16

Classic stupid s***. Could have written the same thing about books in school in 1880. @TIME

Sep 19, 16

Former #RedSox GM Ben Cherington Named #BlueJays VP Of Baseball Ops

Sep 19, 16

The "how-to" to writing how-to texts | great tutorial for teachers and students! #TeachWriting

Sep 19, 16

This is news that disappoints me greatly. One of the best ambassadors the NFL has and a helluva player.

Sep 19, 16

With @kennychesney, what you see is what you get, says @SamHuntMusic...

Sep 19, 16

Fourteen schools in Texas and Oklahoma are giving students more access to recess though the LiiNK Project, developed at Texas Christian University.

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