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May 22, 15

From George Couros - "Here is how I usually set up my day for a “new” group, no matter what the objectives are for the day." 

May 22, 15

A good program to keep students reading during the summer.

May 22, 15

Worth reading in regards to looking at new teacher programs

May 18, 15

Site to download data from Google 

May 17, 15

Great World History Blog created by Larry Ferlazzo

May 16, 15

From - Seth Godin - "You don't need a consultant or a lot of money to radically improve your speed to market. You will speed up once you're comfortable going faster."

May 15, 15

From Richard Byrne - "Canva has added more lesson plans and more design tutorials to their education page." 

May 13, 15

Great list of Pros and Cons of standardized testing from Th Onion.  It is funny in a sad but true kind of way :(

May 13, 15

While open classrooms and offices seem to be a fad, this is an important read regarding the needs of introverts

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