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Patrick Larkin

Patrick Larkin's Public Library

7 minutes ago

Good take on the old and new of organizational learning.

Jun 29, 16

“Physical activity before, during and after school promotes scholastic performance in children and youth,” according to a new consensus statement published Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Jun 28, 16

Good overview of SEL and links to resources for Assesseing SEL in Educational Settings

Jun 28, 16

Great resource for schools looking to take advantage of OER

Jun 24, 16

Good Question - How many teachers currently see themselves as connectors? As curators? As models for learning?

Jun 24, 16

From Alfie Kohn - "Maybe someone just figured that the language of productive failure is a clever way to sell valuable progressive practices to a wider audience, rather like rebranding them as “21st-century skills” or “brain-based education.” But that just raises the question: How in the world did this come to be a selling point? Why have so many people accepted the idea that kids need to fail more?"

Jun 24, 16

good thoughts on the importance of curating and following talented curators

Jun 22, 16

According to a study cited in this white paper, Knowledge fuels Digital Transformation – Digital Transformation Revolutionizes Learning, 83 percent of respondents said their companies lack the skills needed for digital transformation. Seventy-three percent stated that their business executives don’t have the technology skills required.

Jun 22, 16

Great resource for cultural etiqutte from around the world.

Jun 19, 16

 Research by Marty West and colleagues of no excuses charter schools in Boston found large gains in test scores but also significantly lowered student performance on noncognitive measures.  And Josh Angrist and colleagues found that those schools actually decrease four year high school graduation rates despite large gains in test scores.

Jun 18, 16

High-speed internet service can be defined as a utility, a federal court has ruled in a sweeping decision clearing the way for more rigorous policing of broadband providers and greater protections for web users.

Jun 15, 16

From Monica Evon - Great resources for elementary teachers - I have found most Mystery Hangouts last about 30-45 minutes. You connect with another classroom from around the globe to guess their Mystery Location. You can connect through Skype or Google Hangouts depending on what your district allows. The goal is to have your students guess the other school's location before they figure out yours. Students ask each other yes and no questions. You can guess their state, country, town, city or even their school name depending on the amount of time you have allotted for your hangout.

Jun 15, 16

A community college reform group has selected a handful of schools in Virginia and Maryland to develop degree programs using open-source materials in place of textbooks, an initiative that could save students as much as $1,300 a year.

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