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  • The "iTunes U" area of the store offers courses and instructional materials from universities and colleges around the world.

  • Several major companies have already developed iPad-ready Web sites  which will run alongside their current Flash-based sites for computer  users. The New York Times will have an iPad version of its site.
  • changing the layout of their content to better fit the iPad's  screen
  • There has been a push to convert to HTML5 for a couple years and for  several reasons, less Flash dependence being
    one of them

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Mar 28, 10

This is an interesting article that speaks to the result of over-engagement. I wonder if this problem is specific to Korea and less so in other countries (if so, what is it about that environment that makes video games so addictive) or if it's only been studied in Korea but could be a similar problem in other parts of the world.

  • Cheong is down to playing two or three hours on "Starcraft" and "World of Warcraft" three times a week,
  • The South Korean government estimates that the country has 2 million citizens addicted to the Internet
  • Earlier this month a three-month-old baby girl succumbed to malnutrition while her parents spent 12-hour stretches in an Internet café playing the role-playing game Prius Online

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  • When a person checks in to a certain spot, his or her friends are alerted about their whereabouts.
  • the massive social networking site will make changes "sometime soon" to the policies that govern how it works.
  • "We may collect information about you from other Facebook users, such as when a friend tags you in a photo, video, or place, provides friend details, or indicates a relationship with you."

  • Wei's friend said he was playing an online video game when another gamer accused him of using a cheat code to help him beat online opponents.
  • no main arteries or nerves were damaged
  • Wei is in stable condition following surgery, but doctors say he is still at risk of infections, brain damage, seizures and tetanus.

  • Gaming blogs were buzzing Tuesday with speculation about how Nintendo will achieve the 3-D affect without specialized glasses

  • threatening comments on a fellow student's Web site can be charged with hate crimes and defamation.
  • students began posting threatening remarks
  • The appellate court determined that the cyberbullying was not free speech and the students were not protected by First Amendment rights

  • will cease registering Web sites in China in response to intrusive new government rules that require applicants to provide extensive personal data, including photographs of themselves.
  • effort by China to increase monitoring and surveillance of Web site content
  • follows Google's announcement

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  • GoDaddy executives plan to announce that they will stop registering domain names in China in response to a new government policy that requires extensive information about registrants
  • GoDaddy executives plan to announce that they will stop registering domain names in China in response to a new government policy that requires extensive information about registrants

  • social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks, stressing the role of Christianity in American history and presenting Republican political philosophies in a more positive light.
  • Republicans on the board have passed more than 160 amendments to the 120-page curriculum standards affecting history, sociology and economics courses from elementary to high school.
  • They are rewriting history, not only of Texas but of the United States and the world.

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  • But as many as 10 people must trace each neuron to catch errors, out of a team of several dozen.
  • no single wiring diagram looked the same for any animal. The wiring diagrams for the left and right ear muscles of the same animal also looked different, despite the muscles having an identical purpose.
  • hey represent simple challenges compared to the brain. They also know the exact purpose of the neurons and their connections in those cases

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Mar 11, 10

facebook is considering using a location feature that will tell others where people are. it is an interesting use of technology for social purposes and with it comes the opportunity for robberies while people are away from home, stalking, etc.

  • This is seen by some as a helpful way for friends to find each other and meet up in real life.
Feb 25, 10

research shows that people prefer equity in situations. fairness affects one's emotions about a situation

  • people prefer a level playing field,
  • Our study shows that the brain doesn’t just reflect self-interested goals, but instead, these basic reward processing regions of the brain seem to be affected by social information
  • humans are attuned to inequality, and we just don't like it.

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  • A judge in Milan found three Google executives guilty Wednesday of violating Italy's privacy code
  • Sucherman said a public prosecutor in Milan then indicted four Google executives
  • for criminal defamation and violation of the country's privacy code.

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  • this system of color-coded messages is something he invented to save himself time and to organize the 100 or so e-mails he gets in a typical workday
  • Let people create products they'd use themselves, get those products out to the public as soon as possible, and make consumers think it's OK for things to break.
  • Gmail was a beta app for a while in itself and that kind of let us as a company not be too afraid about getting something out that may screw up once in a while."

  • George Whitesides has developed a prototype for paper "chip" technology that could be used in the developing world to cheaply diagnose deadly diseases such as HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis and gastroenteritis.
  • Patients put a drop of blood on one side of the slip of paper, and on the other appears a colorful pattern in the shape of a tree, which tells medical professionals whether the person is infected with certain diseases.
  • hey test for multiple diseases at once. They also show how severely a person is infected rather than producing only a positive-negative reading

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  • music may hold the key to unlocking language, according to a new study.
  • patients who were taught to essentially sing their words improved their verbal abilities and maintained the improvement for up to a month after the end of the therapy,
  • there are separate brain networks associated with vocal output, with one more engaged with speech and the other with music. With certain types of stroke, fibers on the left side of the brain that are important to the interaction of the auditory and the motor system are disrupted. But if the brain could recruit the fibers from the right side, which are more engaged with music, then the system could adapt.

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  • consider how you, yourself may be actively violating not only our personal privacy, but your physical existence with the stuff you post on social networks every single day.
  • Thirty-eight percent of the Facebook and Twitter users surveyed posted their holiday plans online, and 33 percent shared information about weekends away. "Coupled with the finding that an alarmingly high proportion of users are prepared to be 'friends' online with people they don't really know, this presents a serious risk to the security of people's home and contents," the insurance company said in a statement.

  • met a guy in Second Life, the online world where people create avatars to represent themselves
  • you’re forced to write, and be descriptive, and reveal more of yourself to that person than you would face to face
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