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  • XL Deploy takes care of targeting the manifests/cookbooks at the appropriate hosts and all the orchestration of the invocations. Piece of cake!
  • Which makes it all the more interesting to finally see growing recognition, both among the Devops practitioners we speak to at events such as devopsdays, and in discussions such as this one, that there most definitely is a place for a deployment automation tool in the standard delivery stack.

  • Go orchestrates the numerous moving parts involved in promoting software from code composition to a production environment where users can access it. Go watches a version control system or package repository for changes. When it senses changes, it runs other tools as required by your build / test / deploy cycle.  These include build managers like Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Microsoft MSBuild; automated testing tools like Selenium, Twist, Cucumber; infrastructure management tools like Chef, Puppet and many more. Go can run anything you can execute from the command line. 

  • Put simply: it doesn’t work. Here’s why:
  • Many XL Deploy users use Puppet and Chef to set up the environments and install the middleware on which their applications will run. XL Deploy then seamlessly deploys the app tier to those environments.
Feb 04, 16

"The Chef plugin for XL Deploy uses the Chef provisioning tool to install a recipe on a target host."

  • provides a simple installer to run an OpenStack cloud. You can deploy a simple single machine setup with fully containerized services (11 in total), or a multi server installation leveraging MAAS – Metal as a Service and Landscape Autopilot.
Jan 19, 16

"This from Atlassian is a crap. Here is detailed instruction how to migrate from SVN to Git with minimum of third party soft and with preserve local branches and tags"

  • the gem-maven-plugin installs the gems into target/rubygems
  • i.e. you can use the haml gem inside a jruby scripting container via

  • rsync: mkdir "/tmp/slaves/epfw-publisher" failed: No such file or directory (2) rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(674) [Receiver=3.1.0] Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure Finished: FAILURE

  • Basically, for customizations for stuff embedded in a wsdl, a jaxws binding file should be used instead of the jaxb binding file, and use the node attribute to point to the correct schema to apply it to. Alternatively, you CAN use a jaxb binding file by putting "#types1" to the end of the wsdl location. That wouldn't be a portable binding file though.

  • vTuner and DLNA/UPnP network streaming
  • Analogue lovers are equally well served with a turntable input and FM/AM radio with 40 preset memory

  • Note that MariaDB and Percona variants of MySQL are not supported, and are known to cause issues when used with FishEye.
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