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  • Thinking Out Loud  -by-  Ed Sheeran

  • The superior solution for cost charge out is cost allocation based on the deployment of a corporate wide general ledger, which includes the recording of the internal use of resources for products and customers. This method eliminates the effect of double marginalization inherent to transfer prices and subsequently improves the performance of the firm

  • You need to attach your vncserver with the guest operating system console. This can be done using any one of the following method:
  • redirect the VGA display over the VNC session.

  • Each Orange Box contains 10 nodes, each with 4 cores, 16GB of RAM, and generous SSD storage

  • The only setting you need to enable is Advanced \ APM \ Power On By PCIE/PCI. This makes sense because the Intel LAN controller is almost certainly connected as a PCIE or PCI device. I was able to wake the system from the off state using the wakeonlan program (a perl script) from MacPorts, even over WiFi.

  • A local user account under which services will run
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