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Jun 29, 15

...The new tool, built for the Oracle Public Cloud, is part of Oracle’s Customer Experience (CX) applications portfolio.

“It’s rare that a retailer just wants to discuss commerce by itself,” Ian Davis, senior director of product management for Oracle Commerce, told Chain Store Age. “They want to discuss social media, marketing, customer service and sales.”

Oracle Commerce Cloud’s SaaS infrastructure allows online businesses to launch responsive storefronts across desktop and mobile devices. Pre-integrated core commerce features include search / navigation, recommendations, promotions, reporting, payments, design templates and SEO.

A unified experience management console enables catalog, content, design and merchandising management. Responsive design and HTML5 user interfaces let users build additional functionality or develop integrations that connect Commerce Cloud with other systems while also allowing consumption for third-party development efforts.

“We use an API-first development approach,” said Davis. “Exposing APIs makes the solution easy to use.”

Davis also commented on Commerce Cloud’s capabilities to seamlessly fit into retailers’ business-to-business efforts, as well as their business-to-consumer markets....

Jun 29, 15

Oracle Commerce Cloud is designed to offer online merchants "simplicity, quick time-to-market and shorter implementation cycles," said Ian Davis, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Corporation, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints.

Jun 24, 15

Amazon just obtained a new competitor for its Amazon Web Services cloud hosting and development platform. Oracle is going head-to-head with Amazon with a slew of more than 24 new additions to the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Oracle’s new integrated cloud services include infrastructure, platform and software delivered as a service. Specific cloud-based services include hosted Exadata-based production databases, archive storage, Big Data, enterprise mobility, and application integration.

Oracle says it offers the same products, with 100% compatibility, in the cloud and on premises, which means that companies can move to and from the cloud without changing applications. Furthermore, workloads can be moved to the cloud instantly.

“Oracle is growing really fast,” said Larry Ellison, CTO of Oracle, in public remarks. “Oracle is the only company on the planet that can deliver a complete, integrated, standards-based suite of services at every layer of the cloud. Those technology advantages enable us to be much more cost-effective than our competitors. Our new Archive Storage service goes head-to-head with Amazon Glacier and it’s one-tenth their price.”

Jun 23, 15

Almost two years after an intensive e-commerce upgrade, Ulta Beauty is making steady progress toward its goal of reaching 10% of total sales via the Internet — a major milestone in the cosmetics segment.

Jun 05, 15

...To superpower its innovation capabilities Kohl's selected Oracle Commerce to power its e-commerce engine. The Digital Center worked with Oracle to customize the solution to fit the retailer's specifications and ensure that the platform was prepared not only for today's requirements, but tomorrow's challenges.

Jun 05, 15

The advent of retail-specific cloud-based solutions that are implemented in the space of weeks rather than months, such as Oracle Cloud Services for e-commerce and retail, make this not only possible but practical. Cloud services enable retailers to prepare for any number of peak sales opportunities throughout the year.

Jun 04, 15

BJ's recently went through a major upgrade of its XBR system when it served as Oracle's beta site for XBRi, a cloud-based version that uses a front-end analytics and reporting tool called Ingenium.

"The new tool has several components that have helped us," says assistant VP of asset protection Brendan Fitzgerald. "It comes with a series of canned reports that we have been able to modify to meet the needs of our business. One thing we're doing is creating subscriptions for our regional asset protection managers to review weekly, which gives them a look at their region and their clubs. We've also been able to use the available functionality of those reports to send a weekly set of reports to our clubs that they can use to investigate activity and identify cases."

May 28, 15

As retailers enter new markets, improve the online shopping experience, or expand a product category, underlying technologies can determine the success, speed to market and profitability of each venture. In his annual list of strategic issues for the CIO, tech blogger and Oracle Chief Communications Officer Bob Evans estimates that CIOs will fulfill multiple roles and tackle some key business priorities as they work alongside their peers to effect business change and growth.

May 14, 15

The ever-accelerating pace of change in retail puts pressure on everyone within the retail enterprise, but perhaps no one feels it more acutely than the CIO.

May 14, 15

Oracle unveils new Retail Cloud Services solutions

The new solutions are designed to drive retail growth through cloud technology.

Oracle has unveiled six new Retail Cloud Services designed to help retailers capitalize on modern business opportunities.

Announced on Wednesday, the Redwood City, CA.-based firm said six new cloud solutions have been added to the company's retail cloud portfolio. Stemming from MICROS Retail solutions, acquired by Oracle last year, the new cloud services are designed to assist retailers in the management of e-commerce applications, customer engagement, the stock chain, ordering and brand compliance.

Apr 24, 15

“Retailers looking for agility, performance, and cost predictability are increasingly considering the cloud,” said Jill Puleri, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail. “The new Oracle Retail Cloud Services help eliminate the time and cost constraints that too often hamper retailers’ ability to respond to new opportunities for growth. Just as important, Oracle Retail Cloud Services allow retailers to focus on their business and work on strategic projects that add value to the business.”

Apr 22, 15

The six new Oracle Retail cloud services are aimed at providing retailers with fast access to enterprise-grade applications for managing critical e-commerce, customer engagement, order management, order fulfillment, loss prevention, and brand compliance operations.

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