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  • Physical functioning was significantly better for those allocated to CBT compared with those allocated to APT (mean difference 6·4 [95% CI 0·4–12·4]; p=0·035). However, given the number of comparisons made, this could be a chance finding.

  • Despite scant funding to date, researchers in the field have generated promising leads that throw light on this previously baffling illness. We suggest the key elements of a concerted research programme
  • Study of mechanism therefore remains a key priority.
  • occasionally as during an epidemic: examples include Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), Ross River virus and the bacterium Coxiella burnetii (which causes Q fever)

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  • These little bioreactors use the oxygen we breathe to turn food and drink into energy and to perform over 500 other important chemical reactions in the cell.

  • 510 patients with unexplained chronic fatigue were identified. 265 of these conformed to one or more case definitions. 216 were invited to join the register; 160 agreed. 96.9% of participants conformed to the CDC 1994 (Fukuda) definition; the Canadian definition defined more precisely a subset of these. The addition of an epidemiological case definition increased case ascertainment by approximately 4%. A small-scale study in a specialist referral service in East Anglia was also undertaken.

  • clinical presentation, immune phenotype, gene expression and virus infection among ME/CFS patients and MS and population controls frequency-matched by geographical area of residence, age-group (within 5 years), and sex
  • Clinical samples will be collected for studies of NK cell function virology (herpesvirus infection), and gene expression and for banking as a resource for future ME/CFS research.
  • Hypothesis: ME/CFS is associated with immune dysfunction, which results from - or predisposes to - herpesvirus infections

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  • The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is currently doing the preliminary work of collecting full medical histories and defining the diagnostic criteria that will be most useful for researchers going forward. As a result, we may be contacting some BioBank participants to collect more information and verify their diagnosis. These measures will ensure that we are able to conduct reliable and reproducible research that can make a lasting difference for our patients and their families.

  • To promote the interpret-ability of research, NIH will create Common Data Elements to be used in all NIH funded ME/CFS research.
  • A plan for communication with stakeholders is also in preparation
  • Dr. Whittemore said that NIH will issue a Request for Information on research priorities, which will give the public a chance to weigh in on NIH’s direction.

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May 19, 16

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  • Some Biobank participants are asked to have repeat assessments and samples taken, thus forming a long-term cohort of individuals enabling clinical and laboratory findings to be correlated with factors such as the presence of viral infections, gene expression, and immunological status.

  • In keeping with our finding that physicians were slightly more likely than others to consider states of being to be diseases,  Campbell et al2 found no difference among non-medical faculty, secondary school students, academic internists and general practitioners on  how they perceived illnesses due to infections, but found that doctors considered more non-infectious conditions to be diseases.
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