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  • “I believe we are in the steroids era of social science,” he says.

  • Crowdsourcing research can reveal how conclusions are contingent on analytical choices
  • Under the current system, strong storylines win out over messy results. Worse, once a finding has been published in a journal, it becomes difficult to challenge. Ideas become entrenched too quickly, and uprooting them is more disruptive than it ought to be. The crowdsourcing approach gives space to dissenting opinions.

    (my bold).
    Mmm - something to consider in the current study? and how clinically practical is a diagnostic test based on 'native cell-based assays'?
  • . It needs to be discriminated whether the autoantibodies stimulate the receptor or not.

  • The stem-cell field holds enormous promise for therapy. As a result, all claims of considerable importance should be verified with utmost care before being made public. The Review suggests that such claims in the field of reprogramming and pluripotency should be demonstrated in more than one experimental model, and encourages their independent replication.

    Nature will endeavour to help the field to achieve its promise, and is looking at ways to support and encourage this reproducibility enterprise. For example, we ask authors to include more details about the methods developed in their studies. We strongly encourage our authors to deposit step-by-step protocols on freely accessible platforms, such as Protocol Exchange ( — this may be requested for extraordinary claims, at the editor’s discretion. We encourage our authors to verify the origin of the cell lines they use, as we do for cancer cell lines (see Nature 520, 264; 2015).

    The Review concludes: “Science is ultimately a self-correcting process where the scientific community plays a crucial and collective role.” In this case, the stem-cell community has excelled in that role and should be congratulated.

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