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  • SOAP Message  Timeouts


    The following section explains the various types of SOAP timeouts that can  occur and how to address them.


    Response Message Timeout

  • In some situations, response message timeouts can occur with the SOAP  adapter. When using a request-response SOAP port, a Web service may timeout  before the orchestration completes. This can occur when an orchestration takes  longer than the time-out settings on the Web client. This can also occur on a  solicit-response when a Web service takes too long to send a response back to  the SOAP adapter. If this is the case, the following message appears in the  Event Log:

  • Event Type: Warning Event Source: BizTalk Server 2006 Event Category:  BizTalk Server 2006 Event ID: 5743 Date: 03/30/2008 Time: 8:03:34 PM User: N/A  Computer: MICROSOFT1 Description: The adapter failed to transmit message going  to send port "Order_1.1.1.11_Order.Orch_MicrosoftPort_96a693139ae8d67a" with URL  "http://microsoft:8080/ss/MSSoap/". It will be retransmitted after the retry  specified for this Send Port. Details:"

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