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  • Star Wars the Clone Wars
  • and more
  • 40 years ago now (A New Hope was released in ’76)

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  • "education and maintenance of exposed and deserted young children."
  • At first, no questions were asked about child or parent, but a distinguishing  token was put on each child by the parent. These were often marked coins,  trinkets, pieces of cotton or ribbon, verses written on scraps of paper.  Clothes, if any, were carefully recorded. One entry is, "Paper on the breast,  clout on the head." The applications became too numerous, and a system of  balloting with red, white and black balls was adopted. Children were seldom  taken after they were twelve months old.

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Sep 01, 10

Interesting blog... Some good ideas to consider.

  • Daddy
    • Neil Winton
      Neil Winton on Aug 31, 10

      Have any of you thought about why the poem is called 'Daddy' rather than 'Dad' or 'Father'? Why might Plath have decided to use such a childish term as the title of the poem? What might be the relevance?

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  • Meinkampf
Jun 08, 10

A quick overview of the sonnet. Worth considering for the points it makes about the importance of the form of the poem and why this appels to writers.

  • You can see how this form would attract writers of great technical skill who are fascinated with intellectual puzzles and intrigued by the complexity of human emotions
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